9 Volt Battery Snap

Battery Snap
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Probably the easiest way to connect our DC LEDs to power is using a 9V battery, with these nice long battery snaps. As you can see from this photo, the battery snap is designed to snap onto the leads on the terminal end of any standard 9V battery.

These battery straps have two leads, a red "positive" wire and a black "negative" wire. Each of our pre-wired LEDs also come with a red positive wire and a black negative wire.

All you need to do is twist all of the red wires from the LED kit together with the red wire from the battery strap. Protect this connection with some tape or shrink tube. For larger numbers of wires, a bit of solder added to this joint is a good idea.

Next, twist all of the black wires from the LED kit with the black wire coming from the battery strap, protecting the connection with electrical tape or shrink tube.

You're Done! Instant light!

battery snaps

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Shrink Tube - Shrink Tube provides a nice solution for protecting the exposed wire connections.  The battery snap does not come with Shrink Tube, but you can get some on this product page: Shrink Tube

In our tests with a 9V Duracell, 3 LEDs flashed nice and bright for 36 hours before draining the battery enough to get dimmer. Just put a new battery in place and you are good for another 36 hours!

A larger quantity of lights will take down the battery in less than 36 hours. In our tests, 50 LEDs ran brightly on a single 9V battery for 4 1/2 hours!

With this approach, you have an instant hook up solution for short term use! To turn the lights off and save a bit of battery, just unsnap the battery snaps.

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