How to Wire a Model Circuit

Tiny LED Sequence Circuit with 20 White LEDs Ready to Run!

Quick Flash LED Alternator Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights

HO Police Lighting Kit 1:87

HO Police Lights - 6 LED Kit to Light Your Own HO or Other Small Models

Custom LED Lighthouse Circuit for your Models! | Warm White

Custom LED Lighthouse Circuit for your Models! | Cool White

Add an LED Sequence flasher to your next hobby project.

Add an LED Sequence Flasher to your next Hobby Project. This Circuit is fully assembled and ready.

Here is our sequence circuit. What we have is a board and it has 10 positions, so the lights on the board will flash 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. We have a lot of options on this circuit: we have the circuit for a 9-volt battery, or we have it for the higher voltage train transformers 7 to 19 volt AC or DC or DCC. Each light is mounted on a 14-inch wire and the lights can be mounted as far apart or as close together as you want. You can see the example of the 10 warm white here: you can see the lights are traveling along with one after another. What we did here is put 10 warm in this little theater marquee. On this side, we have 20 cool white. There are 20 lights here but you can see it’s still flashing 1 through 10 because there are 10 positions on the board, we just put two lights in each position. One good use of the 20 light, where they flash in pairs, is an approach for a runway or someplace where you want the lights to show the approach.

LED Sequential Flasher

3 Quick Strobe effect LED Flasher for your model Radio Tower or other Models

Three Quick Strobe Effect LED Flasher for your Model Radio Tower or other Models

This is our warning flasher circuit. It has 3 LEDs that flash one after another and then there’s a pause before they flash again. This is a very common site on smokestacks, or radio towers, or water towers or chimney, there’s a lot of different places you can see this. What we did is we put lights on the circuit with 14-inch wire and then it wires out to your power supply. You can wire this to a 9-volt battery, a 12-volt adapter, or to track power 7 to 19 volt AC or DC. We have a few options: we have white or red and they both do that 3 flashes with the pause. Here’s just an example we did: a radio tower and another type of tower and you can see this one has white and this one has red. Both of these are pretty common, so this is an easy-to-use circuit. It’s fully assembled with the lights so all you have to do is space the lights out on your project.

Create Lighting Storms in your Miniature Land with our circuit

Mars Light for Trains, this Double Pulse Breathing, Heartbeat Circuit gives you a GREAT effect!

Rotating Emergency Flasher for Older Cop Cars, Warning Towers, Drones, and More!

Custom Wig Wag LED Headlights in 1:18 Ford Crown Victoria

Add this Realistic Aircraft Lighting Circuit to your Models!

NEW Alternating LED Circuit for Models

New Alternating LED Circuit for Models

These are our LED alternator circuits. It's a small circuit that makes the LEDs flash alternately back and forth at a nice rate. We have the circuit in three different colors. We have yellow, warm white, and red. We’re using our Chip-style LEDs. They are nice, small, flat, surface mount LED and we have them on eight inches of wire. We have the circuit for three different voltages. We have it for 3 volts, 5 to 12 volts, and the higher 18 volt AC or DC. If you’re not sure you have a power transformer or you're not sure of the voltage, this is the best one for the choice. This one can run on a 9-volt battery or on a 12-volt adapter. The 3-volt circuit can run on a 3-volt coin cell, or AAA, or AA, or a 3-volt adapter. So these are the alternator circuits.

Flickering Fire LED Kit

Cool Knight Rider LED Chase Light effect used in the KITT Car

Cool Knight Rider LED Chase Light Effect use in KITT Car- Fading Light Trail Circuit with 6 LEDs

We’ve made a Knight Rider circuit and you can see the pattern. It goes back and forth but also the lights fade as each one goes off; it fades to give you a nice traveling pattern. This circuit was used in the TV show “Knight Rider'' for the KITT car, but it’s an interesting pattern for a lot of different uses. The circuit is fully assembled, you can see it’s a very small circuit and it comes with a Nano-sized LED. This is the size of the Nano, you can see it’s about 1.5 mm. We have the circuit set up to run on 3 volts. You can run it on a small watch battery or coin cell, or you can run it on a AA battery or a 9-volt battery. If you want to run it on your own transformer, you can see the circuit is a little bit bigger but this can run on anywhere from 7 to 19 volts AC or DC.