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diecast police cars WigWag Headlights
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Diecast Police Cars Wig-Wag Circuit for Headlights & Taillights

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WigWag Headlights and Tail Lights Emergency Vehicle Flashers

This WigWag has 5 settings:

  • Steady On
  • Slow Flash
  • Medium
  • Fast
  • Strobe

CAR NOT INCLUDED, this is for the circuit only

*Notice the lights go bright-dim to simulate a real emergency vehicle, NOT a simple on-off flash circuit.

Press the switch once for steady on, a second time for 2nd pattern, etc. 5th press turns it off. There is no auto-shutoff. This circuit comes fully assembled as shown, with switch and lights attached.

We include a 9 volt battery snap with on/off switch to run this circuit


  • The Circuit Board is 1" long, 0.55" wide, 0.35" thick including the shrink wrap.
  • The 4 Cool White LEDs are each wired 8 inches from the circuit board.
  • The 2 Red LEDs are each wired 13 inches from the circuit board.
  • The switch leads and power leads are 13 inches long.
  • The LEDs included are 3mm size.

Powering your wig wag circuit:

The wig-wag can be run on a 9 volt battery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Charles Cummings

Website describes these light perfectly, the pictures, and videos attached to each product really helps! Packaging is very nice, and i was very excited to get the business card with the size chart of certain leds! I will continue to get my hobby products from here, I have been very happy with the quality and service!

William Edward Meredith
Strobe lights

You are providing an awesome product for the hobby of modeling. The light systems are very well made and very durable. They are exactly what I was looking for. I plan on purchasing more of them and several other items in your inventory. Thank you soooo much.

Steven flood

Adding these lights give a sense of reailism

Super Solid product

Product arrived quickly, was easy to fit to my application, all connections are super solid and buttons feel beefy and tactile. Lights are bright and flash patterns realistic. Will certainly be buying more for future projects!

Headlight/taillight wig-wag

Nice set of lights. Did exactly what I wanted until the wires separated from the battery on/off switch. Wish the leds would’ve been a smaller size for the model I was using (1/24 scale) as areas around the headlights & taillights were hard to work with for the molding of the model. Also the activation switch would be nice/easier to mount if it was like the battery switch.

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for leaving us a review!

We just want to follow up with you and ask a few questions about your set up, we want to see if there is anything we can help with!

When you say the wires separated from your battery on/off switch, can you explain what you meant? Because if one of our items failed we can always send a replacement if necessary!

We also want to let you know that we make our items in-house! So if the 3mm that come standard on the WigWag are too large, you can always contact us for a smaller size! We're happy to work with you on it!

As for the Momentary that is also standard on the WigWag, we're sorry that didn't work as well as the push button that is attached to the 9v battery snap. Unfortunately, the momentary switches we have only come in that size, or larger, and it has to be a momentary switch to advance through the patterns.

First time buyer

Very pleased with your products for my hobby projects . I have my own YouTube channel I'll be mentioning this company based on your customer service, products and speed of delivery . Once again thank you .Happy customer here. I'll be buying more with other projects pending .

cliff shipmaker
Wig Wag circuit

I bought one of these years ago for a diecast car. It was offered only with 4 white lights. I was very pleased to see the circuit with the two red lights added. I have just installed them in another car. I love the look and am pleased with the package as it is easy to install and ready to go. I think that shortly I will be adding the siren to the kit. Your products are easy to use and as it says just hook to power.

Paul G
Wag-Wag circuit

"Years ago I purchase the Wig-Wag circuit to use on one of my RC model plane and slightly modified it to make it a Pulse light landing system.
Its perfect.
I just love their circuits designs and the customer support is 5 stars.
Now I look for projects to use more of their circuits. :^)

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