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diecast police cars WigWag Headlights
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Diecast Police Cars Wig-Wag Circuit for Headlights & Taillights

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WigWag Headlights and Tail Lights Emergency Vehicle Flashers

This WigWag has 5 settings:

  • Steady On
  • Slow Flash
  • Medium
  • Fast
  • Strobe

CAR NOT INCLUDED, this is for the circuit only

*Notice the lights go bright-dim to simulate a real emergency vehicle, NOT a simple on-off flash circuit.

Press the switch once for steady on, a second time for 2nd pattern, etc. 5th press turns it off. There is no auto-shutoff. This circuit comes fully assembled as shown, with switch and lights attached.

We include a 9 volt battery snap with on/off switch to run this circuit


  • The Circuit Board is 1" long, 0.55" wide, 0.35" thick including the shrink wrap.
  • The 4 Cool White LEDs are each wired 8 inches from the circuit board.
  • The 2 Red LEDs are each wired 13 inches from the circuit board.
  • The switch leads and power leads are 13 inches long.
  • The LEDs included are 3mm size.

Powering your wig wag circuit:

The wig-wag can be run on a 9 volt battery.

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