Quick Flash Strobe LED alternator

Quick Flash LED Strobe Circuits For Diecast Emergency Vehicles
quick flash alternator with LEDs
Quick Flash LED Strobe Circuits For Diecast Emergency Vehicles
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Colors: Select
Colors: Red - Red
Colors: Blue - Blue
Colors: White - White
Colors: Yellow - Yellow
Colors: Red - Blue (red one side blue other side)
Colors: Custom Color&Size(+3.00)

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the strobe quick flash alternator is a great choice for diecast emergency vehicles such as police, fire, or ems. Or use it in maintenance vehicles such as tow trucks, snow plows, maintenance of way vehicles. Or use it for airplanes.

The Quick Flash Alternator comes with our "Chip" sized LEDs pre-attached

There are 3 quick flashes on one side, then 3 on the other side. 

This unit is also a great way to add cannon fire to your diorama or aircraft gunfire to your models.

Each LED is on its own 8" wire. So the chips can be up to max 15" apart from each other. The magnet wire is fine enough, it should be easy enough to coil it out of the way for smaller models too.

This unit has a small circuit that controls the flashing
Dimensions: 0.95in x 0.45in x .27in

Customization: Need something different?
We can customize this Strobe circuit for you by swapping out the LED with any LED color or size we carry. Choose the " custom color/size" option. We can also add additional LEDs for an extra $2 each. There is a place to add comments at checkout where you can describe the details of lights you would like to get.  Please list what lights should be on EACH side so we can get your custom circuit built.


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