Light for your Lighthouse Miniatures

Light House Light for Miniatures
Light House Light for Miniatures
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Color: Warm White
Color: Cool White
Color: Red
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Add this great lighthouse light to your lighthouse model or collectible. The light starts off slowly brightening to full-on, then slowly dimming to off. Then the pattern repeats.

****This is the light only.  You will need to have a lighthouse to put this light in***

This slow brightening dimming light can be run on:

The fully assembled beacon circuit comes with your choice of LED. Choose from warm white or cool white, or red.

Warm White lighthouse light
Cool White lighthouse light

Circuit Dimensions:


  • input wire 14"
  • circuit board 1.5 inch long x 0.7inch wide x 0.35 inch thick
  • wire to bulb 14"
For this larger-scale outdoor model, we used 4 of the 5mm warm white. Filmed in daylight, the lights are still nice and bright!

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