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Light for your Lighthouse Miniatures

Light House Light for Miniatures
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Color: Warm White
Color: Cool White
Color: Red
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Add this great lighthouse light to your light house model or collectible. The light starts off slowly brightening to full on, then slowly dimming to off. Then the pattern repeats.

This slow brightening dimming light can be run on:

  • a 9 volt battery
  • our 12 volt adapter
  • or directly on your doll house or model train transformer or outdoor landscape lighting system or hobby transformer. Up thru 18 volts.

The fully assembled beacon circuit comes with your choice of LED. Choose from warm white or cool white, or red.
OR put multiple LEDs on the same circuit Contact us for options!

Cool white lighthouse light

Circuit Dimensions:

  • input wire 14"
  • circuit board 1.5 inch long x 0.7 inch wide x 0.35 inch thick
  • wire to bulb 14"

Steve has 4 warm white LEDs on the one circuit for his larger scale outdoor model. With 135ft of buried electrical cable out to the light. Filmed in daylight, the lights are still nice and bright!