Mars Light for Model Trains
MARS Light for Model Trains, or Double Pulsing, Heartbeat LED

Model Train Mars light Or Heartbeat Effect LED

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Get this great MARS light simulator for your Model Train, we have designed it based on what the real trains do.

We have this circuit ready to run on your power supply. Choose the 7-19V AC/DC/DCC option for your train transformer or your non-regulated wall adapter.

Choose the 5-12 volt DC option if you want to run this Mars light on a 9-volt battery or other battery supply

Choose the 3 volt version for 3 volt battery power or our 3 volt regulated adapter.

The Mars light comes with our soft Warm White LED. If you want the shade just a little bit more yellowed, you can add a very thinned coat of yellow paint to shift the color even older era. We don't recommend our Yellow LED on this circuit because our yellow is a strong saturated shade of yellow.

The circuit has 8" input to the circuit and 8" output to the LED. You can shorten either of these wires if needed.

The circuit is loaded with a 3mm warm white LED. We can add a different LED, of another size or color. Contact us for options.

Mars Light for Model Trains, or Double Pulsing Heartbeat effect for your models.

"What do I need to run these?"

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Byerly
Mars Light

I built an HO scale Dummy Locomotive and gave it the same paint scheme as the powered locomotive.To the dummy locomotive I added battery power to run (AA Battery pack) the lights. I used two battery packs so I could run the lights independently of each other. Having 2 battery packs also added some needed weight to the locomotive.One light, being a Mars light is controlled with a touch sensor. The main head is controlled with a remote control.I can
control the brightness of the headlight with 4 settings. I love it! My project turned out well thank's to the fine people at Evan Designs. They had everything I needed and, was more than happy to answer my questions. Great company to do business with.

Tiny and works well

I had already designed a 555 circuit and was going to build a tiny PCB to do the same thing that the Evan Designs mars circuit does. But it’s a PITA dealing w such tiny parts. Plus the price of the Evan Designs mars led is attractive enough that it wasn’t worth my time to pursue building my own PCB.

Wil Strich
Hard to find accessories...

I'll start this review as more of a suggestion then a review, due to the fact that these products are top notch. My 1st...suggestion is that you include the business card which was in my order I received as this in my opinion, was a very!! useful tool in determining the appropriate size in ordering the proper scale item to be used with. As this tool was not available while visiting your site when determining size for my application of your product.
2nd...suggestion; it's my belief that if you were to place some of these products for sale on some the websites such as eBay or others of that nature, your business would BOOM!! as it's taken me forever to find the specific item's ie; mars or gyra light's for model railroading especially in the scales of N & HO gauge...
thx an looking forward to doing business again soon.

Very Nice

Nice, easy to install and use. Wish the leads were a bit more robust, but it's been working well.

Awesome for a few minutes

For some reason the light quit working after a few minutes. For 17 bucks I expected more

I am very sorry to hear you had a Mars light fail!
We can send you a free replacement right away along with a postage-paid return envelope so we can get the one you have there back for testing.
I know this is not acceptable at all. We will have to thank you for your patience with this inconvenience while we work to make this right for you!

Model Railroad Talk
Great Mars light

If your are running DC for control, this is a great way to add a mars light to your locomotive. But you can use it with DCC as well if your decoder doesnt have enough functions. Perfect brightness and light effects.

Thomas Cockle
Excellent Mars Light simulation

The Evan Designs Mars Light simulator does an excellent job of representing the double pulse of the prototype Mars Light, at a reasonable price. particularly good is the use of regular sheathed wire rather than coated wire, making connections both easy and less likely to have a short. Great product.

Tom Cockle
Evans Mars Lights very realistic

I obtained several 5 mm Warm White Mars Light LEDs, which work nicely in HO scale F/E/ PA noses. I also obtained 1.8 mm Red Mars Light LEDs for use in HO passenger car tailgates. In addition I obtained a multi color changing LED to see if I can replicate the color changing lighting over the bar section of my HO SP Tavern Car—haven’t gotten to that yet! All of these Evans products are not only very realistic but also economically priced—highly recommended.

Paul Gillette
Beautiful Mars light effect

The circuitry controlling this light is far superior to the Mars light effect on any DCC decoder connection is simple and setting the decoders auxiliary light function to simply “On and Off” is no challenge.

The challenge is the light’s wiring harness. It is quite long with minimal opportunity to shorten. The control module is a wee bit thick so be sure to measure your clearances to make sure it will fit beneath your shell.

I am sorry you found the circuit a bit too big and the wires much too long.
If you don't care for cutting the wire, you can just take a toothpick and wrap the wire tightly around the toothpick, slide it out and you have a nice neat spring! you can put a dot of glue on the spring to hold it in place.
If that doesn't sound ideal, you can cut the wires shorter and use your solder iron to remove the coating
then just twist the wires firmly together and then fold them over to make it so they will not pull apart.
Use tape over the connection.

Regarding the circuit, we can try to minimize that, but you can also consider housing the circuit in the car directly behind your locomotive. Then the circuit size will not be as critical. Of course you will need to keep that car behind the loco.
If it's a coal car and you have a steam era that would always be the case!

I hope this helps, and thank you by the way for the very helpful review!

Robert Miller IV
Great product!

Easy to use. Connections are ready for ease of use. Small board for concealment.

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