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This small circuit comes loaded with our nano LEDs. Each LED is on it's own 14 inch lead. So you can have these LEDs spread over a fairly long distance. We make the circuit with either 10 LEDs or 10 pairs of LEDs.

Use this cool chase light circuit for airport runway approach lights, with the pairs option. Or use the single sequence for theater marquis for waterfalls, the lights around spaceships, or other uses.

Circuit Dimensions: 2.3 inches long x 0.95 inches wide x 0.36 inches tall

Here is another example of the chase circuit. We used the 20 LED cool version and put it all the way around a theater Marquee. There are 20 lights, 10 pairs in this one

"What do I need to run these?"

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Customer Reviews

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Sequence Lighting

The design makes installation very easy using the higher voltage lights. I don’t need to change batteries during the operation.

just what the DR. ordered

the chaser string lights I ordered fit in tight places and cycle at just the right rate to give the effect i was looking for at a fraction of the cost of a premade kit. it pays to think outside the box
sometimes and not just go for the glitzy advertised item at the top of your google search.

Chase lights

Love’em. Wires are numbered making life so much easier.

Manuel Quiros
Great design

Aside from these lights working flawlessly, I love being able to change blinking modes in seconds!

Great Attraction

Stuffed all 10 lights through a small hole into a light box. Only problem I had was putting lights 5 and 6 out of sequence. Still looks real world.
Great effect.

The Hi Tech Nomad
Well thought out, well built

I recently got some blinking lights for my replica of Nomad, the iconic Star Trek robot. Here's why I'm particularly impressed with this package:

1. It's exceptionally well-crafted.
2. The design is thoughtful, offering me the choice to select colors and sizes.
3. I appreciated the flexibility in power options. I could choose between AC and DC, which was handy since I was unsure about my power source during the design phase.
4. I ended up powering it with a 9-volt battery, and it's been running non-stop for over a week. The circuitry is efficient, consuming minimal current.

Overall, it's a fantastic product. I'd love to see more from this company, perhaps a sound-activated module, but that's just a personal

Ron Orr
USS Franklin Bussard Collector Lights

I brought 2 of these just before a move and thought I left them behind. The other day I found the very well pack lights and smiles came to my face, after I laded out the lights the smile turned into a HUGE ear to ear grin. Just looking at this lighting kit I knew it will work for the turning Collectors on the Mobus 1-350 scale model ship. In the show one of the collector turned left and other right. There are few others in the Star Trek fleet so I plan on being back for builds after the Franklin. Big Thank you goes out so I did not have to go down the road of arduino boards that only do 5 volts

Dino Cruz
Very nice item

This item really fit my project and worked as advertised. And when one of the LEDs came off, they immediately shipped out a replacement set. This is customer service at its best. Also phoned them a couple of times for some advice, and the help provided was simply impressive - straight to the point and easily understood. Overall - very good company to do business with. Happy to have found them in the web.

John Sanders
Flashing sequence is too fast

I recently purchased two of the sequence lighting units. The flashing sequence is too fast. Is there a way to adjust the speed?

Thank you for your feedback. There are videos on this page that show the speed of the sequence. Let me know if you are unable to see the videos.
I am sorry, there is no way to adjust the speed on the sequence flasher.
If you find them unacceptable you are welcome to return your item to us.

Darren Milner
LED Light kit

This LED light kit was exactly what I had been looking for to complete my project. It worked great and looks amazing. Well packaged and shipped fast. The service received was fantastic.

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