Universal Solid LEDs for transformers
Universal Solid LEDs for transformers
 Universal Solid LEDs for transformers sizes
 Warm-white and Cool-white LEDs for transformers
Size of rectifier resistor unit
Universal Solid LEDs for transformers
Universal Solid LEDs for transformers
Universal Solid LEDs for transformers

LEDs for AC or DC: Fully Pre-wired LEDs
Ready to Connect to Model Train and Miniatures Universal AC/DC power sources

Wire Length
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Fully Assembled LEDs for Plug and Play use

Yes! You can Connect these LEDs to any track power source. These solid non-flashing LEDs will work great with 7-19 Volts of AC or DC power input.

Guaranteed to stay lit for 2 years with free replacement. Thousands and thousands of these LEDs are now in use, on all types of track and transformer power supplies.

Our LED Lights can be used for Locomotive Headlights, Passenger Car Lights, Ditch Lights, Yard Lights, Building Lights, and much more. Low heat super bright LEDs only draw a tiny amount of power: 20milliamps.

Choose your colors, we have warm white, cool white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet.

Deciding which white to get?
  • Our Warm White LED closely matches the warm glow of incandescent lighting. Use warm white for most locomotives. Customers tell us our Warm White is a good match to the original Lionel Headlight.
  • The Cool White LED has cool cast, much like fluorescent lighting. Consider cool white LEDs for newer diesel locomotive headlights

Much more than just a resistor, we have already added the Bridge rectifier, the correct capacitor, and the resistor. You just connect to your track power!

You will notice both leads on these LEDs are black. That is because the polarity does not matter. The bridge rectifier takes care of this. Connect these to power "either way" you are covered.

These LEDs are not meant for connecting directly to the DCC decoder boards which operate at lower voltages.

The rectifier is 3 inches from the LED and there is either 8-inch or 14-inch input wire.

Want more information? Check out our LED FAQs and customer photos of LEDs in action in our gallery, or our LED installation Tips.

Don't forget these other accessories to help wire up your LEDs!

Switch to LEDs today!

LEDs for Model Railroads, a Video!

Customer Photo: Williams by Bachman Sharks running at 11 volts, before and after the 3mm LED upgrade.
LEDs for Model Trains

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