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We have taken these SMD Chip LEDs and added a tiny flash circuit to each one.

Flashing tiny LEDs - Illuminate your creations with our compact flashing color chip lights. Elevate your projects with discreet wiring and vibrant hues. Yes! These chips will flash! Nothing needs to be added.

Chip LEDs are very small and compact yet still surprisingly bright! The benefit of a flat and compact LED Chip, already wired for you, is that it still gives a great amount of light and is easier to fit into small projects.

These flashing chips are already wired, tested, guaranteed, and fully ready to connect to your power supply. No resistors or components to make a flash need to be added, we have done all of that part!

Choose your power supply, we have set up these flashing SMD Chip LEDs with correct resistors for

  • 3 volt DC
  • 5-12 volt DC
  • 7-19 volt AC/DC/DCC
Check out our brightest flashing LEDs
Flashing Mega LEDs dreamstime

What is the flash rate like?

2-5hz  Fast Flash LEDs - Fast flashing LEDs are great in modern era Diecast Police Cars, Fire Trucks, Ambulance, Tow Trucks and other types of emergency vehicles, or use them for fast strobe lights.

1-5hz  Normal Flash LEDs - This is a good choice for 1950's era emergency, or for routine warning flash

What do I need to run these?

How many can run at once?

Using a  3 volt coin holder you can run 1-10 chips.
Using a 3 volt AAA holder you can run 1-30 chips
Using a 9 volt battery snap/switch you can run 1-50 of the chips.
Using a 12 volt 1 Amp supply is also 50 chips, no need to turn off.
Using your own power?
The chips draw 20 milliamps each. So check your power supply to see how many milliamps it lists. A 1000 milliamp supply can run 50 chips.

can the chip LEDs be run along with other LEDs from the same battery or coin cell?

Yes the chips can be run right alongside all of the other sizes of LEDs on the same power supply.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Sheldon H. Schusler

Love your site. I know nothing about electrical issues.
Very helpful. 😉

Bob K
Great Products

Quality products Easy to use Very helpful staff

Keeman Malone
Great Product!!!

All the lights worked great. I have ordered enough lights to complete 6 Diecast units with no problems!

Keeman Malone
Great Lights

I am building a diecast Motormax 2022 Ford Police Interceptor Emplorer and these lights are bright and perfect. I was able to fit them into the small spaces on the diecast unit with ease. I find that using the 5 way connector works best when connecting multiple lights to limit the confusion on wires going everywhere on the unit. Thanks Evans, you have made this experience less stressful from ordering to recommendations of which light package to use!!!

Nigel Shepherd
Trumpeter 1/35 Hind 24 Helicopter

Came across Evans Designs while searching internet for lighting a model project I had in mind for a while and I am so glad I did. Although I am in the UK delivery is always quick and trouble free with all of the items I have ordered and packaged really well. They are helpful in giving advice and guidance and their products work far beyond my expectations. I am sending Evans Designs some photos and videos of the Trumpeter 1/35 scale MI24 Hind E helicopter I made using Evans Designs LED's and various chips so hopefully you can see the results in the gallery. I have won several modelling awards for the helicopter model and it will be displayed soon in the shop window of a local Model Shop. The model club I belong to has been awaken to the possibilities and creative ideas Evans Designs products have made available and I have been inundated with enquiries from both members and visitors to the model club. Following the success of the Trumpeter Hind E 24, I am currently working on Andy's Hobby Headquarters 1/16 Tiger 1tank and the 1/16 Easy Eight Sherman tank in the hope of recreating the tank battle in the film Fury. Both tanks will have fully working lights and internal illumination with flashing effects from both the main cannons and machine guns. Using the special effects kits Evans Designs created I am hoping to have the Tiger Tank rear deck simulate real fire. I will send photos and videos to Evans Designs gallery when this project is finished.

Flashing led’s

The leds are so bright and flash really quickly. Just as described. Fit my job perfectly. Easy to install.

John yuder
Flashing led’s

The leds are so bright and flash really quickly. Just as described. Fit my job perfectly. Easy to install.

Laurie Tate


Steve Solomon
Flashing tiny LEDs

little but bright. So little I was able to install them into a Vector light on a Greenlight NYPD car.

R. Master

So small but so realistic on a model railroad. Great products without a doubt!

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