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Our Smallest Coin Cell Holder

Battery Option
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An easy way to bring power to your 3 Volt LEDs.

This coin cell holder fits the tiny CR1225 batteries which are 12.5mm or 0.5 inch across. These little batteries can run up to (4) of our 3 Volt LEDs brightly.


The outside dimensions of the coin cell holder case is 15mm x 20mm x 5mm (height). We have also added our smaller slide switch to this package.

Slide switch dimensions:


The height of the slide switch base is 3.4mm
The height of the slide switch sticking up from the base is also 3.4mm
This makes switch's total height 6.8mm


Connect to lights by twisting the red wire on this holder to all the red wires on your LEDs. Protect the connection with shrink tube.

Same with the black wire, connect it to the remaining black or green wires on your LEDs.

How many lights?

We tested 4 chip lights and found them to be nice and bright. More than 4 lights would not be as bright but you can do it! Mega won't be as bright on this battery.  This coin cell battery holder is for use with any of our 3 Volt LEDs

How long does the battery last?

4 lights lasted for 12 hours continuous light before the battery needed a change as the lights were not as bright. You could go longer depending on your preference for brightness.

How Long will it Last?
Fewer lights would be bright longer between changes.

"Can you mix sizes of lights, chip nano or pico?"

You can mix sizes yes. You can even run bulb or mega on this small coin cell holder.

"Can you mix colors?"

You can mix colors yes. You can't mix solid and flash though, the solids would flash along with the flashers. Solids would need a separate coin cell and holder.

"Can I run more than 4 lights?"

You can run more chip nano or pico than the suggested (4) it will not hurt anything. Just the LEDs will be a little less bright, and will need to change the battery a little more often.

If space is not an issue, our other 3 volt power sources can run many more lights: regular coin cell holder, AAA holder, AA holder, 3 volt wall adapter.

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