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Gooseneck Lamp
Gooseneck Lamp, cool white, point the shade straight down
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scale Gooseneck or Barn Lamp


Often referred to as a Barn Lamp this style dates back to the earliest days of industrial lighting.  The barn lamp originated in agriculture, giving the lamp it's name.

Today gooseneck lamps are often positioned above doors in industrial, agricultural, and residential settings.  A Gooseneck is also great to illuminate storefront signs and awnings.  All around us, Gooseneck lamps can be seen in Shopping Plazas and Coffee Shops around the world.

Our Small Lamp is the perfect size for HO scale, and also works well in 1:64th.  The building on left is a 1:64th scale structure.

Our Large Lamp is the perfect size for O scale buildings and also works well for S scale and even Garden Scale (G) too.

We made our metal gooseneck lamp with an adjustable escutcheon mounted on the long shaft. You have ample shaft so you can choose how far to position the light fixture out from your wall. 

The Lamp's shade is not fixed, it can be adjusted to the angle that gives you the best lighting on your subject.  Point the shade straight down or angle it back to light up the building's side or store's sign.  When you are finished, secure the shade in place with a little glue.

Small Lamp Dimensions:
Medium Lamp Dimensions
Large Lamp Dimensions:
Large Lamp Dimensions

Add some goose neck lamps to your model today! 

  • For 3 volt use you are all ready to go, just add to your 3 volt battery or power supply.
  • For 7-19 volt AC/DC/DCC we have a bridge rectifier/resistor harness you can attach to the light before you connect it to power.

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