Miniature Industrial Pendant Lamp

Miniature Industrial Pendant Lamp
Miniature Industrial Pendant Lamp
Miniature Industrial Pendant Lamp
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Add a Beautiful Pendant Lamp to your Diorama

pendant light, sometimes called a drop or suspender lamp, is a light fixture that hangs from the ceiling, often suspended by a metal rod. Pendant lights are commonly used in multiples, hung in a straight line down the center of a workshop, warehouse, or other workplaces. Pendant lamps are and were often hung in uneven numbers.

Our pendant lamp has a metal shaft and a metal shade, which help to direct the light down onto your desired setting.  The shade is not fixed, so you can set it to the exact angle you like and then fix it with a small amount of glue.

The small pendant lamp has a 19 mm long shaft and a 5.5mm diameter shade.  The thin metal tube diameter is 0.7mm.  This lamp has our nice bright Chip size LED already added.

The large pendant lamp has a 44 mm long shaft and an 11mm diameter metal shade. The thin metal tube diameter is 0.82mm.  This lamp has our bright Deka size LED already added.

These miniature pendant lamps are 3 volt ready so if you are using a 3 volt coin cell, or our AAA or AA holder or our 3 volt adapter you ready to connect these right to power.

For 7-19 volt use, we have included our rectifier unit which has a resistor and bridge rectifier.  You can connect the resistor unit after you install the lamp, we ship the resistor unit separately.  Remember the lamp with no resistor is 3 volt so don't connect to power without the resistor.  Chose 7-19V AC/DC option if you will run this lamp on a 9 volt battery, a 12 volt adapter, your Model Train or Dollhouse power supply or other power from 7-19 volt.

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