Classic Coach Lamp for Models and Miniatures

Miniature Wall Lamp
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Color: Warm White

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This lighted wall lamp will look great on your buildings! Size A is perfect for 1:12 or G scale. B size is often used in O scale.  The smallest size C is nice for HO scale.

This lamp comes with a classic shade of warm white light, with 14 inches of kynar lead wire. You can run the wire inside of your building, then meet up with the resistor if needed.

For 3 volt uses you are all ready to go, just add your 3 volt battery or power supply./


For 7-19 volt AC/DC/DCC we have a bridge rectifier/resistor harness you Must attach the resistor harness to the 3 volt light before you connect it to power.

Comparisons: A Sharpie marker is 11mm wide.  A pencil is about 6.5mm width.




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