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3 Volt Solid Bulb LEDs

3-Volt Mini LED Lights

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3 Volt Solid Bulb LEDs make the perfect addition to any hobby project. Available in 3 sizes and 10 colors, the possibilities are endless.

LED Bulb Sizes:
  • 5mm Bulb LED: Our biggest and brightest bulb size. Great for G scale or anywhere you need a lot of light. 
  • 3mm Bulb LED: Perfect for 1:18 scale, 1:43 scale or O scale.
  • 1.8 mm Bulb LED: Our smallest bulb size offers a scattered light beam that is less directional than the 3mm and 5mm bulbs. 1.8mm is good for smaller scales or small tight spaces. If you need even smaller LEDs make sure to check out our Chip LEDs.

Bulb LEDs vs Chip LEDs

What's the difference between bulb LEDs and chip LEDs?

Evan Designs bulb LEDs have a metal light producing diode encased in a rounded silicone lens. This lens has a focusing “spotlight” effect. The top of the bulb can be sanded to widen light spread.

Evan Designs Chip LEDs are flat and surface mount. They have a wide less focused light spread and no “bulb” shape. 

Warm White vs Cool White: Which one is right for me?

  • Warm White: Warm White LEDs match the warm glow of incandescent lights and are perfect for lighting rooms, car headlights, or anywhere you want a more classic warm light glow.
  • Cool White: Cool White LEDs have the cool glow of fluorescent lights. This slightly bluish light is perfect for shop or warehouse lights as well as newer car headlights.

We have these LEDs in several voltages, so you can get the right voltage for your project!
5-12 Volt Solid LEDs 9vsolidbulb
7-19 Volt Solid LEDs universal LEDs  mirror

Powering your 3 Volt LEDs

These are 3 volt LEDs. They come pre-wired to 8 inches of insulated wire and the correct 3 volt resistors if needed. Note that not every color LED needs a resistor to operate at 3 volts, such as white and blue LEDs.

Evan Designs Power options for 3 Volt Lights:

or our even smaller coin cell holder or on your DCC board (3 volt position)

Curious about how many lights you can run on each battery? See our Guide to Battery Powered Lights to learn more.

Ready to install LEDs

These LEDs will to last for 50,000 hours, and come with Evan Designs 2 year warranty. This means you can install these Super Bright LEDs in your hobby projects without worrying about them burning out or having to replace them.

All of our LEDs come Fully Assembled with 8" of insulated wire. Connect these LEDs right to a 3V DC battery or adapter. There is nothing to add, just plug and play.

  • Do NOT use a 9 volt battery or 12 volt power with these 3 volt lights.
  • These lights can not be wired in series and even several of them grouped together will be destroyed by a 9 volt battery.
  • If you need LEDs for a 9 volt /12 volt battery, we have them here: LEDs for 9 volt battery

Add More Length to Your LEDs

14 inches of wire not long enough for your projects? Add a 25 foot spool of Hook-Up wire to your order for only $3.00.

Also try our Wired Connectors to add extra length to your LEDs for only $1.00 a piece.

All of our LEDs come with a 2 year warranty!

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Good product works great, quick order fulfillment, I would buy from Evan Designs again

Lauren Oshana
Great product!

Shipped fast, lights are good quality.


Works well


Price, fast shipping

Investment Bonus

When I invested in a few LEDs and wiring from Evan Designs I had no idea that I would also gain access to the support of their help desk. They were there to answer my questions and cheer me on with my project. Not to mention they make fantastic products- lifetime customer status.

Good little light

The 3mm mini light is small, but quite bright. Works well in a shadow lamp.

Great product and service

Easy to navigate and informative website. Fair prices and fast, accurate service. I am very satisfied with Evan Designs.

Work great

Great quality, no complaints at all.


Every purchase had been 5 star customer service and products

Mike M
Perfect options, Super bright!

Great construction, super bright LEDs, easy to install. Great experience and fast shipping

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