Model & Diorama Siren Speaker Wiring Videos

Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Siren

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Siren

This is our Ecto Siren. You can see it comes with a speaker, a very small circuit board, and then 2 leads. We also include a battery snap with 2 switches. The siren doesn’t have a switch so that you can use our battery snap to turn it on and off. There’s one switch for the siren and then there’s an extra switch for any lights that you might want to add. Here you see the siren with added lights. So I’m using one switch to control all of the lights and then the other switch goes to the siren still. For lights, we have normal flash blue, solid red, and warm white.

Fire Truck Siren Circuit for Model and R/C Emergency Vehicles

Fire Truck Siren Circuit for Model and R/C Emergency Vehicles

This is our fire truck siren. It comes with a speaker and we include a battery snap with 2 switches. There are 2 switches so one can go to the siren, and then one can go to your lights if you want to add lights to your setup. So one switch is for the fire truck, and the other switch is for your lights.

Add this Police Siren to your Diecast and R/C Emergency Vehicles!

1:18 Undercover Custom Police Car with 21 LED Lights and 4 Tone Police Siren!

Model Police Car Siren Circuit with lots of Speaker Options

Model Police Car Siren Circuit with lots of Speaker Options

Our police siren comes with a lot of different speaker options. We thought it might be useful if we had a video where you can hear relative loudness. This is our standard speaker, it is great for diecast cars, it weighs 0.3 of an ounce, and it’s about 1.4 inches in diameter. The medium speaker is just a little bit heavier, almost half an ounce, 2 inches in diameter but it is a lot louder. The speaker is a good choice if you want to try and put it into an R/C car or something or somewhere where weight is of concern. Then we have our large speaker, which is good for a gas power R/C car, it is much louder but it is 3 inches in diameter, and the weight is getting up now to 0.83 of an ounce. This speaker you can hear from quite a distance away. The larger speaker, this one, is good for a ride on vehicle like power wheels. This is a 4-inch diameter speaker but the weight is up over 6 ounces, almost 6 and a half ounces. This is the loudest speaker we offer. This one for power wheels, I should mention, also comes with a special momentary, this can be mounted in the dash of the car to panel mount. That one you’re going to hear nice and loud from quite a ways away even over the engine of the car. So there are various sizes. There is one other option I thought we should mention, this is the standard speaker with a pre-attached battery snap. We add the battery snap so that you can connect these 2 leads to the lights and have an on-off switch for the lights and then have independently the switch for your siren. So this one is the “add a battery snap” option. And we’ve pre-attached this for you so that now you can just add your lights.

Siren for Die Cast Police Car 1:43

Add a Bigger Speaker to the Police Siren

Police Siren Install in 1:18 Police Car

Police Siren Install in 1:18 Diecast Police Car- How to Part 1

Here’s a police siren that runs on a 9 volt DC battery. Let’s open it up and try it out. I’m going to install it in a Motor Max Ford Crown Vic police car and I’m going to take the car apart. I’m going to put a towel down so you don’t scratch the roof. There’s seven screws you have to take out: four in the front and back, and three in the middle. You don’t want to take these out because it just pops the wheels off. Here’s the trunk; I’m going to put the speaker in the front and the circuit board in the trunk. I just pop this piece out so the speaker can play through this grate here. Next I’m going to drill a hole in the back of the car here so I can easily press the switch without having to open the car. This is a round hole, and I like to square it off with a dremel tool so it fits the switch better. Now the hole is more square, I’m just going to use some J.B. Weld and glue the switch in place.

Police Siren Install in 1:18 Diecast Part 2

Police Siren Install in 1:18 Diecast Police Car - How to Part 2

I glued my switch back here, and now I’m going to tape the siren in. You don’t want to tape over the siren because it might muffle the sound. I’m going to put the trunk over the switch so then the circuit board can sit next to the tire and I tape it in. Now my speaker is going to stay in and I’m going to put the car back together.

Now that the car is back together, you can see that everything fits nicely, and if the hood doesn’t shut all the way you can just take some screw cutters and cut off the bottom part of the engine. Now I’m going to attach a battery strap so I can just easily hook up my siren. I’ll put some electrical tape on the connections so they don’t short out. I’m just going to put my battery on and if you coil up this wire, it will all fit in the trunk nicely. The siren is now installed and let’s test it out.