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Running LEDs: What is the best battery to use?

Running LEDs: What is the Best Battery to Use? We show Several Choices to run Mini LEDs

When you want to run LEDs you have a lot of battery options. These are the holders that we sell. Our smallest holder holds a 12/25 battery, it’s very small. You can see this is great for when you don’t have a lot of room in your project to hide a battery. It can run 4 lights nice and bright. The next biggest battery, the 2032 coin cell can run more lights and can run lights more brightly. Going up in size, the AAA is also nice and compact. It is a little bit bigger than these small coin cells, but it can run a lot more lights and it can run the lights a little bit more brightly. The next bigger battery is the AA, the AA is great because you wouldn’t have to change your batteries very often. All of our battery holders come with this on-off switch. With these batteries, you have the option of buying the battery along with the holder or you can just buy the holder by itself. A big advantage of running all these batteries on 3 volts is many of our colors don’t need a resistor. So you don’t have any kind of bump in the wire. The colors that don’t need a resistor are warm white, cool white, blue, and green. Going up to 9 volt, the 9 volt can run flashing, solid, and flickering without any of the lights having carryover where the solid starts to flicker because there’s a flash on the same circuit. The 9 volt can do that. If you want it to do that on the 3 volt batteries, you’d have to have a separate battery for your flashing and a separate battery for your solids. The 9 volt can also run circuits, but you can see on the 9 volts, you do have resistors in the wires. It’s not big, but it is something to consider.

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