Slow Flashing LED Lights

Bulb Slow Flash LED
Bulb Slow Flash LED
Bulb Slow Flash LED
Bulb Slow Flash LED
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This LED has a nice, slow flash rate: one second on, one second off.

Slow flash LEDs are the same high-quality LEDs you’ve come to expect from Evan Designs with a pre-installed flash circuit. This circuit turns the light on for approximately one second and then off for the same amount of time.

These LEDs, which currently come in 4 different colors and 3 voltage ranges, are perfect when you need a slower flashing light. 

There are many applications that would benefit from Slow Flash LEDs.  Common ones include:

  • Water Towers
  • Maintenance vehicles
  • Road Construction and Hazards Lights
  • Navigation or Aviation Beacons
  • Buoys
  • Security Alarm Status Indicator

Buy with confidence! We have included the resistors if needed for the voltage you have selected.   In the case of the 7-19 volt AC/DC LEDs we have added a resistor, bridge rectifier and filtering capacitor to be sure your LEDs work perfectly right out of the package.

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