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Pre-Wired LEDs for 5-12 Volt Battery or Regulated DC Transformer

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These LEDs look great in your projects!

Building lighting, Diecast and RC Vehicle Lighting: for any place you need nice bright lights running on DC power.

These 100,000 hour Super Bright solid non-flashing LEDs come:
  • Fully Assembled
  • with a dropping resistor already attached
  • and 8" of insulated wire
  • No Soldering or assembly needed

Our Warm White LED closely matches the warm glow of incandescent lighting. Use warm white for building lighting and older style headlights. Cool White LEDs have cool cast, much like fluorescent lighting, modern car headlights, or daylight.
warm white and cool white comparison

Consider cool white LEDs for airport runway lighting, RC vehicle lights, race cars, police cars, and other cool super bright light needs.

Check out our LED installation Tips here. See examples of LEDs in use from other customers! LED Gallery

General Questions about LED's? See if they are answered here!

We have these LEDs in several voltages, so you can get the right voltage for your project!
3 Volt Solid LEDs solid bulb LED square
7-19 Volt Solid LEDs universal LEDs mirror

How to power these LEDs:

Our LEDs are Guaranteed to stay lit for 2 years with free replacement!

Don't forget these other accessories to help wire up your LEDs!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews

Awesome lil lights thank.

Arthur Pulitzer
LED 5 to 12V

Evan designs assisted me with the order. prompt shipping. It is a learning experience using LED to replace auto tail light #1157. May try it a few time to have LED light

Fred DelRosario
They are BRIGHT!

Ice colored LED's 3mm for my Perfect Grade Gundam RX-178 MK-II. I didn't want to do any more customizations to the model kit so I went with the same size LED's. The LED's that came with the kit no longer works and I heard of Evan Designs form Otaku Builder in YouTube. I am powering this LED with usb power (5V). Will definitely buy this again!

Evans products

I have used Evans products many times. I have had no problems.

john betka
First Time

we liked the product offerings, prices a bit on the high side, but livable, service and shipping were timely, I would suggest a better description of the product
was surprise how small the lamps were. The better suggestion is that you use the IMPERIAL FORM OF MEASUREMENT NOT METRIC, we reside in America, America uses the imperial system, do not know but I do not think there are too many that like this crappy metric system

Tony G
My Experience

I started with an order to add some LEDs to my train layout. I was hesitant at first, especially because of my poor soldering skills. The staff at Evan Designs were always very helpful and patient with me. I appreciated their advice and suggestions. The online tutorials were also very helpful.
So, one order and successful application of LEDs to my layout led to several subsequent orders over the last couple of years. Found the selection/use of Evan Designs' various assortment of LEDs interestingly challenging (in a positive sense). I cannot imagine my layout without the addition of their products.
My business dealings with Evan Designs staff made the enhancement of my layout fun, educational and rewarding (in terms of outcomes).
Thank You very much again!

Brian Allen

I ordered these to use as a garage door open indicator light inside the house. Ordered red and green so she had a choice of colors. They are all what I expected them to be. I mounted it in a blank outlet cover and it can be seen from three different rooms. Bright but not too bright. I will order these again for my next project.

Brian Hoyt
Fast, reliable service

I don't need things shipped asap, all I ask is that the company I order from acknowledges when I placed the order and then give me an estimated time for shipping. They did both. Appreciated that and I will be back for more.

Gene Watson
5mm Warm White for Razor Crest

These are fantastic! I used these for lighting effects on the engines of the Mandlorian's Razor Crest. Thank you Evan Designs and I definitely reorder for other model project needs.

Randall Ware
3mm lights

Worked great right out of the package

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