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Meet the Deka LED, a new LED recently created.  It is a powerhouse of illumination with long-lasting brilliance and a more compact size. Positioned between our Chip and Mega LED sizes, the Deka LED stands as our second brightest offering, striking the perfect balance when you desire something between chip and mega size. Try out this Bright LED.

Why choose the Deka LED?

  1. Cool Running: The Deka LED maintains a cool temperature even during extended operation, ensuring safety and durability for your projects.

  2. Long-Lasting: With an impressive lifespan, the Deka LED keeps shining bright 

  3. Super Bright: As our second brightest LED, the Deka delivers exceptional brightness that will illuminate your creations 

  4.  Compact Size: This LED is smaller than the mega but still almost as bright!


Dimensions: 3.5mm x 2.8mm x 1.25mm


We have Deka ready to go with resistors already added if necessary for all of the voltages of our other LEDs.

"What do I need to run these?"

All of our LEDs come with a 2 year warranty!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

service and product and shipping speed are excellent.

Great customer support!

Evan designs shared valuable insights into their products that helped me find a great solution to an “in the wall diorama” that I put together at a ski house. The products were perfect, and came together effortlessly.

Customer service

LEDs are not my thing, but the customer service helped in selecting the lights, finding a timer, squaring me away before I made a mistake, etc. Can’t ask for more! Thank you.

Charlie Low
Perfect for my 1/16 scale centurion tank

These chip style leds are perfect for the odd shaped and placed headlights on this model tank. The warm white color very nicely simulates the incandescent lights used in the early cold war period. I am extremely pleased and will be buying more leds from Evan designs.

Works Great

Used a 9V to power two of these LEDs, it works great.

Work great

Work great

Bright & Warm

Lights up my building windows as if someone where really home. Perfect brightness. Easy install.

Elson Trinidad
Great For N Scale Headlights

I bought this for a DCC sound decoder installation project for an N scale Athearn F59PHI locomotive. The stock headlights were too dim so I had to wire my own. This deka-sized SMD LED was the perfect size and brightness for the twin horizontal front headlight. I used Elmer's Clear Glue to mount it an painted the back with black craft acrylic paint to take away light bleed.

Luis Gonzalez

The items arrive quickly and he took the time to confirm what I needed for my application.
I received exactly what I needed for my project.

Lots of light!

After asking for a suggestion from Evan Designs I bought two deka lights for a project I’m working on, and it was just the right advice. Lots of bright light for my scene and tiny little lights that are easy to work with. This is my first time working with any kind of electricity for miniatures and it has been easy so far.

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