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Chip, Nano and Pico LED Lights

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These super small LEDs are known as surface mount LEDs, SMD LEDs, or Chip LEDs.

They are very small and compact yet still very, very bright! The benefit of a flat and compact LED Chip,
already wired for you, is that it still gives a great amount of light, but can be mounted flush, with no bulb shape showing.

We have taken these SMD Chip LEDs and taking care with tolerances, added 8 inches of red and green superfine magnet wire.

Get these chips already wired, tested, guaranteed, and fully ready to connect to your power supply. No resistors need to be added, we have done that part!

Need a really, really small LED? Try our new Z-LED
At 0.65mm wide by 0.36mm height by 0.4mm height these LEDs are our smallest.  When it is not lit it is hard to see, so if your project needs a LED that will not be visible until turned-on this is a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

"What do I need to run these?"

"How many can I run at once?"

  • Using a 3 volt coin cell holder you can run 1-10 chips.
  • Using a 3 volt AAA holder you can run 1-30 chips
  • Using a 9 volt battery snap/switch you can run 1-50 of the chips.
  • Using a 12 volt 1 Amp supply is also 50 chips, no need to turn off.
  • Using your own power? The chips draw 20 milliamps each. So check your power supply to see how many milliamps it lists. A 1000 milliamp supply can run 50 chips.

"Can the chip LEDs be run along with other LEDs from the same battery or coin cell?"

Yes the chips can be run right alongside all of the other sizes of LEDs on the same power supply.

"On the AC chips, what size is the rectifier/resistor unit?"

evan designs universal rectifier
This diagram shows the size of the rectifier unit

"I need the AC type chips but I have to run them through a tight passage?"

We have a solution! See our separated LEDs here: Separated

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Customer Reviews

Based on 304 reviews
Nano's For Ditch Lights

The warm white nano LEDs work great in small places, such as ditch lights in an O gauge locomotive. I used them in an Atlas locomotive ditch lights since the space was too small for a 3mm LED. They are plenty bright enough.

Tom Schupbach
Had what I needed

They had the micro sized LED I wad needing

“z” LED Indoor Lighting

I find using the warm white “Z” LEDs work great installed in Tichy Lamp Reflectors (#8027) to simulate incandescent lighting in railroad structures (1920’s on).
The yellow “Z” LEDs simulate high pressure sodium lighting for later period industrial and street lighting (1970’s on).

Austin Carlton
Great for gunpla

These lights are fantastic for gunpla. The Z is super bright, tiny as all get out and the wiring is so thin you almost don't have to make any wire paths

Gregory Mayne
Upping my game with lights!

I build 1/25 scale model cars and I always try to do a little extra with each of them to put my own personal touch on them. A while back I joined an online modelers site and one of the members used lights in his car. That's all I needed to see! I found out this is where he got them and the rest is modeling history!
I've done three cars now with low and high beams plus taillights. The latestI had to get chip lights due to lack of room. Evan Designs has everything you need!

Let ED do the work

I had Evan Designs assemble some components for me and their work has held up beautifully.

Most excellent!

These are awesome! Worked great for my model car. I was able to get the turn signals to light up. Something I didn't think I was gonna be able to do. The z size made it possible. Thank you!

Bruce Walters
Good value

Great product and customer service engineering support (they ensure you have success). Yep, it works. 3v perfection.

Bruce Walters
Good value

Great product, and customer service engineering support (they ensure you have success). Yep, it works.

Al Ormsbee

Using chip LEDs in a wood ship model.they are perfect and plan to use them in my next model.Evan Designs is a great company reasonable prices and fill and ship orders quickly.

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