Warm White or Cool White Chip LEDs in a string

Warm White or Cool White Strings
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Voltage & Length
Color: Warm White
Color: Cool White

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Included free with any 3 volt string purchase is our:

  • AAA holder/switch for the 12 light strand
  • AA holder for the 26 light strand.

Or Run any length string with our 3 volt 1Amp or 2Amp adapter!

Or choose the 12 LED string for 12-19 volt AC/DC power transformers

The 12-19 volt strings come with a resistor already added to let the strings run on your chosen power.  The 26-string has a circuit 1" x 1" square, the 12 string has a small circuit, only 1/4 inch square

O scale refinery LEDs
O scale refinery with several of the warm white AC strings.
string light for miniatures

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Customer Reviews

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