Bright String of LED lights warm white
Bright String of LED lights cool white
LED sizes
Bright String of LED lights
Bright String of LED lights
Bright String of LED lights
Bright String of LED lights
Mega LED size
Mega LED

String Mega LEDs

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Our brightest LED, the Mega is available in strings! These bright LEDs are on a string of fine flexible magnet wire for easy use in your projects.

Each LED is 1.25 inches apart. Each Mega LED is 5mm x 5mm in size.

The 12 mega string is 15 inches.  The 26 mega string is 31 inches.  Both strings have 8" of blank wire before the first light for easier installation into your miniature project.

AA Holder with Switch

Free AA holder with On/Off switch with every 3 volt Mega String.

**The Mega string requires more power and must be run on AA batteries, or a plug in power adapter.

We also have these strings with our Chip size, and Nano size LEDs
Chip Strings dreamstime
Nano Strings dreamstime

"What do I need to run these?"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mark O'Boyle
Ship Display

Building 1/200 scale Yamamoto, for display, as I got into it and was drilling out the hull portholes, got to thinking would be neat if somehow could install lights. (We've all seen pictures, movies of ships passing at night, with their lights on). Also, many portholes on superstructure, and bridge, where typically at night may use different colors blue, green etc., on the bridge or conning towers to see radars, sonars, etc., and to still be able to see well at night. Went online and found Evans Designs, and started from there. Thought I would need complicated schematic, but is pretty straightforward, power supplies available, type, size, colors, actions of lights, are almost limitless as to what you can dream up. I don't think I even need to solder any wires, they are small, and twisting them, and using some heat shrink should do fine. Most if not all is already pre-wired, switches too, possibilities seem endless, so am really having fun with this, as I go along, I find more uses for the lights. Can experiment, before finally deciding how you want your layout to be, so is really fun to see how this develops. Have also had super support along the way, with my questions etc., these lights are really neat.

Pam McDonald
Very helpful

Thank you for the help choosing the right lights, power etc. My lights arrived quickly despite it being an international order and all work well, as usual.

Matthew Sniffen Raritan Valley Hirailers
Top quality company

We have been using Evan’s Designs lighting for years on our O gauge modular layout (Raritan Valley Hirailers). I don’t even know how many lights we have but it’s in the thousands. Anyone who has seen our layout can agree. Our modules take a beating from travel show to show and I never worry that the lights will work at the next show. All of their lighting effects are top quality. Thanks for providing years of great service.

The perfect little LED light set

This set made it easy for me to light my mini artificial succulent garden inside its terrarium. The lights were easy to assemble to the battery box and place within the terrarium in some very tight and tangly areas. It looks so good! I wish I could upload a photo because it really brings the display to life. If you just want a quick way to light something small, this could be the ticket!

Robert Evenson
great lighting

I used these in the 12 and 26 string to light the Aries 1B moonlander cabin and they work great.

Robert Evenson
Lighting Moon Lander

I ordered both the 26 and 12 string leds to light the 2001 Aries 1B moon lander cabin area and the leds work great. Very easy to install.

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