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Pink & Purple LED Lights

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Our pink LED lights are nice and bright, adding a vibrant pop of color to your projects. On the other hand, our purple LEDs offer a unique and subtle glow, as they sit on the border of the UV light spectrum and visible light, they are not as bright to our eyes. These colors are perfect when you need a striking pink or a delicate, understated purple LED accent in your modeling.

Whether you're looking to create eye-catching focal points or add a touch of elegance to your creations, our pink and purple LEDs are versatile options that will elevate your modeling. Explore the possibilities of these unique colors.

See LED sizes here: LED Size Chart

"What do I need to run these?"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Elliot Medina

exelent service

Dianna Gauthier
Fantastic customer service.

Great products and customer service.

Pink Perfection!!

The lights are super bright and wow the pink color is amazing!! Both the quality and the customer service could not be better. As a beginner, Evans Designs make the process less intimidating and easy to assemble. If your considering purchasing from them, please don’t hesitate and buy! You won’t be sorry.

Sean Santoya
Very nice LEDs, good customer service.

This is my first time ordering from Evan Designs after hearing them mentioned on youtube. I was excited to find some items that I haven't really been able to find on other sites. I placed an order, but also had some other questions, so I sent an email to the contact us. I got a response very quickly which I appreciate. My items shipped quickly and shipping costs were very reasonable and realistic where other sites I have ordered from have charged double. I sell online as well, and I know what shipping costs are and it upsets me when people gouge on shipping. I tested out all the LEDs I ordered and they were great. I already placed a second order for others. Thanks!

Forbidden Engravings
Love this color!

Using for a new project and these are perfect. Low profile and bright!

Mushrooms lamp

Bought 5 of the purple for a mushroom lamp. Wired them up with the two AA battery box, a switch and light sensor from here. Works fantastic! The only bit I didn't get from this site was the wall power supply, it was sold out here. 100% will be using the site again

Will the purple cause something to glow?

Will the purple LED cause something to glow/react like a UV or Blacklight would?

I've bought LEDs from you in the past and have really been more than satisfied.

Very Happy

I bought an assortment of pico and I am happy with the brightness and quality of the lights. I ordered the purple pico light for the purpose of charging luminescent paint and it works wonderfully.

The resources Evans Designs provided were incredibly helpful because when I first got the light I tested them out and it wasn't working. I knew that this had to be an error on my part because they tested their lights before sending them out. The issue I was having is that the green wire is stiped at the end and I wasn't connecting it to the black ground wire correctly. It's a little hard to see because it is such a fine wire and I was too excited to play with the lights that I didn't take the time to look closely at the wire. But the video Beginning with Chip LEDs informed me that the wire is stripped at the end and my problem was solved, my lights turned on.

Tyler Moore
Pink is great, purple is good with a caveat.

The pink led is brilliant! Very bright and looks great. The purple looks amazing when powered by itself using the 3V coin cell, but every additional LED(using pico and nano) added really dims it down. With the other 5 LEDs in my circuit it was barely visible.

Hi! I am sorry you did not like the purple. I checked your order, you had a coin cell. Purple is a bit hard to run on a coin cell unless it is by itself. I find it much better with AAA or AA or 9 volt, or with either of our adapters. I can send you an AAA holder/switch if you have room for the bigger battery in your project

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