Chip Nano and Pico Micro mini LEDs
Lit up micro mini LEDs sizes
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Miniature LED Lights with 14-Inch Wire Length

Wire Length
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The 14 inch options for Chip, Nano and Pico LEDs are available for Warm and Cool White only,

They are very small and compact yet still very, very bright! The benefit of a flat and compact LED Chip,
already wired for you, is that it still gives a great amount of light, but can be mounted flush, with no bulb shape showing.

We have taken these SMD Chip LEDs and taking care with tolerances, added 14 inches of red and green superfine magnet wire.

Get these chips already wired, tested, guaranteed, and fully ready to connect to your power supply. No resistors need to be added, we have prewired these LEDs for hookup to 3 volts!
Dimensions Dimensions

"What do I need to run these?"

How many can run at once?

Typical Power Options:
  • Using a 3 volt coin holder you can run 1-10 chips.
  • Using a 3 volt AA holder you can run 1-135 chips.
  • Using a 3 volt 1 amp power supply you can run 50 chips, and no need to replace batteries.
  • Using your own power? The chips draw 20 milliamps each. So check your power supply to see how many milliamps it lists. A 1000 milliamp supply can run 50 chips.

Can the chip LEDs be run along with other LEDs from the same battery or coin cell?

Yes the chips can be run right alongside all of the other sizes of LEDs on the same power supply.

I need the AC type chips but I have to run them through a tight passage?

We have a solution! See our separated LEDs here: Separated

cool nano chip
Cool white Nano chip in a lamp!

All of our LEDs come with a 2 year warranty!

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