What is that Bridge rectifier on the LEDs for?

Some ask us why the rectifier? LEDs are sensitive to reverse polarity and DCC or AC power is not great to run LEDs on. The addition of a bridge rectifier keeps all voltage coming into the LED on the positive side, prolonging the life of the LED.

Over the years we have tested this rectifier unit of ours with all of our LEDs on both DCC and AC using both our own transformers and also the 1000's of power packs that our customers are using. I offer a 2 year guarantee and in 4 years have gotten only a small handful of LEDs back usually only when a wire breaks from rough handling. We can safely say that this unit works with all of our LEDs on all AC, DCC, DC power supplies.

What size is the circuit?
Bridge rectifier The largest part of this circuit is the tiny bridge rectifier. Also under the shrink is a capacitor and the correct resistor for 7-19 volts of power input.

Tested and Guaranteed to work!