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toolkit complete by Evan Designs Stained glass printable for miniatures Road and Railroad signs customize and print sheets of miniature brick for model trains and miniatures Window Treatments for all model buildings Advertier print building signs Model Builder print buildings

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Customer Reviews

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Terry Fischer
Just getting started

Read where your software was being used in Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette magazine. Thought I would give it a try instead of another laser kit.

Stephen Max Barrett

It really burns me that I have to do this all over again Years ago I had the whole dang package and its worth it. I resent having to spend more money to get it back , now. And NO, this is NOT a complaint against Evan Designs ! Its a rant against MICROSOFT!!!!! 10& 11 won't run the old programs. I say it here because M-s doesn't care anyway. Obviously, I like E-D enuff to order it again! I've done buildings in 'N' , "Z" and even smaller ( for background skyscrapers) ! With the cost of plastic sky high my buildings in ho, o and g will also be printed. (Yes ,I really do model in 5 scales. They just don't all run .lol. I also have a 1-12 scale dollhouse and model cars, millitary, planes , ehhh, well a lot of stuff. Hey, I'm 72 and been modeing for 62 years! Keep up the good work !

Steve Tufano
Software review

I will start with Support has been awesome!! The software does as advertised with no issues. I would love to see it upgraded so you can export the file to be opened in a 3d creator like fusion 360 or other 3d modeling software. Or even as an svg file so we 3d printing folks can print them on our PLA and Resin printers. I personally will not put paper buildings on my layout they look cheap so I have had to create them and then import them into some software where I can generate my 3d models. The reason for only the 3 stars is that it works as advertised but needs a sever upgrade for the new ways of creating buildings for layouts.

hi Steve
Thank you for your review and for the suggestions. You can export to PDF and then from there to your 3D creator of choice. Just use Microsoft print to pdf utility in your printers folder when you have a design on the screen. We hope that helps!

Rick Margolese

I purchased this bundle because I needed window coverings for hundreds of O scale windows. My only minor issue is, I don't have an ink jet printer. I wish the vellum would go through laser printers.

Allen W Kniphfer
Train Program

The program is great for making layout building and other scene items.

Jim R.
Great software

I'm not real computer savvy so when I decided to get the bundle I was a little apprehensive. After getting it I'm finding it easy to use. With the instructions and how to videos it makes it easy. I'm still learning and experimenting with it but overall I'm impressed. I highly recommend it. The customer service is outstanding.

Great software

I have used this program and I recommend to all model railroaders. The one thing I would like to see is updates or add ons. I have made custom signs with the program.

Emil Chopich
Great software

This software is everything advertised. It’s easy enough to start immediately, yet powerful enough to keep you interested for a long time, building better and more detailed structures.

Nicholas E Zabawar
Great product

This is a great product. Very easy to learn and use. The LED kits are very easy to use and work great. The hardest part is trying to figure out where to install them!

New to the software

I bought the whole package. I'll use it to build mock up's of three dimensional buildings to get a better idea of how they will look without putting much effort into actually constructing the building and finding I don't like the design or it won't fit in the place I wanted it to. Still learning how to use it. I think it's a great package both for background buildings and mock-up buildings. The LED kit packages are great. Saves me the time of building my own.

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