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Sign Creator PC Software for Windows has over 300 Road Signs and 50 Railroad Engineer Signs to choose from.

  • 300 high resolution scale-able Signs
  • 50 US state highway shields and State Highway signs
  • Modern signs you can add text to
  • and 1950's Signs that you can add your own route numbers to.
  • Canadian provincial signs

Choose your scale when you enter the program, and the signs will default to the correct size for your scale:

sign creator opening screen


Pre-built signs include:

  • Rail Crossing
  • Info
  • Route
  • Route
  • Rail Engineer
  • Direction
  • Crossing
  • Warning
  • Regulatory
  • Arrows
  • Construction
  • Hazard/ Hazmat

You can also customize 20 different blank signs for conditions on your own layout.


Size your custom signs for your scale, then print.

  • Set speed limits
  • Platform numbers and numbers of tracks
  • Distances to cities and towns in your layout
  • Your city and town names, street names
  • Bridge height and weights
  • Passenger and freight car speed limits
  • State and Local Route Numbers

Sign Creator runs on Windows 7, 8,10, and 11

We print all of our designs with an ordinary Inkjet Printer using either Matte or Glossy Photo Paper.

The pre-built signs in Sign Creator automatically import into Model Builder for adding to your buildings in Model Builder. Sign Creator was updated! Update Information

Add more realism to your layout with Sign Creator!

Thanks Sam Syzdek for this great picture made using Sign Creator!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dale Csonka
An interesting and much needed app.

Although I have yet to even begin to explore all the different options, the whole idea of being able to create custom as well as the generic signage without relying on the usual sources where you need to purchase sheets of random signs in order to get the couple that you actually need. Just how many stop signs does one club layout need?

Tony Moscatello
Great product

Great customer service

Richard Wiersbe
Overall really good

Like most software apps, it takes a little trial and error to use the app correctly, but once a user gets over that initial learning curve, it overall really good. The highway signs print out clear and look authentic. I've created several already and they look good on my RR layout.

Sign Creator

Excellent product that I stumbled across looking for road signs for my O scale layout. Very difficult finding some O scale products. This program a lifesaver and I am glad to have splurged. Easy and fun to use!!

Steve Leedy
Sign Creator

I needed traffic signs for my n scale layout and tried making a few using bitmaps off the web. By the time they were reduced to the proper size they looked awful. Anyway, I just happened to be on a train forum and someone had posted a link to the Sign Creator product. What the heck, I'll give it a try.

Very happy I did! The signs came out awesome. Thanks Evans Designs for a top notch little piece of software!

Lamar Richrd
Sign Creator

The sign creator is a fantastic product!! It allows me to set the location of my layout AND gives me VERY realistic street and highway signs!! Keep up the Great work!!

John Foulser
Sign Creator

Nice product. Have only scrolled through it but looks as though it will do the job.

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