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Beautiful Stained Glass Patterns you can print for your Miniatures.

This Complete PC Software for Windows has patterns to fit any window you have.

Over 60 patterns!

Easily size and print out Stained Glass patterns for your Miniatures. Doll's Houses, Model Dioramas, Room Boxes, Victorian and Art Deco model buildings, Model Trains. Get your Stained Glass Windows now!

The included designs represent contemporary, Dutch and religious themes. Images can be imported as well. There are round, half circle, square, rectangle, and gothic shapes to choose from.

All of these stained glass patterns can be scaled up or down in the design screen to the exact size you want. Print Stained Glass to fit any of your model buildings, next to doorways, or in train windows, no matter what scale you model in.

When you start the program, you choose your scale, or type in your desired scale in the box.
type in your desired scale in the box

Your miniature designs reflect hours of work and care. They deserve the uniqueness stained glass can bring to your project. With a computer, this software and a little imagination you can make your ordinary miniature designs extraordinary

Then select from the 60+ patterns and put your choice onto the design screen.

the design screen

Click any of the stained glass and adjust the size by either dragging with your mouse, or type in the size you need in the dimension boxes.

Make stained glass to exactly fit your windows with this easy to use program.

Stained Glass Collection works on Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11

We print all of our designs using an ordinary Inkjet Printer and Inkjet Vellum or Inkjet Transparency. Either material looks great backlit. although we prefer vellum for 2 reasons. 1) With Vellum you do not see through to the interior, this is similar to actual Stained Glass. and 2) Inkjet Inks are transparent, mixing of the ink colors provides any color however it is assumed you have a white background, otherwise, the colors are not true.  Vellum is off white in appearance so colors still look sharp.

If you like the Glossy look of Transparency you can add Transparency in front of your Printed Vellum

Compatible with Model Builder
Model Builder users: you will see these Stained Glass patterns as extra palettes in the design screen, once installed.

Print Stained Glass on either Vellum or Transparency can produce a nice effect for use in Models 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Just Okay

I have 8 rectangle windows around my church building, two smaller in the front and 3 each slightly larger on both sides. I certainly wish I could copy/paste the design I selected multiple times instead of having to print 8 pages for G scale windows. Waste of money and paper. I'm still searching for a better way to do the windows.

Hi Shirley
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We appreciate you taking the time!
In Larger scales like G, you cannot print as many windows at a time as smaller scales allow.
In the example I sent you by email, I added 6 stained glass windows to the Design Screen. One trick you can try is to reduce the margins to .2 inches on the Left, Top Right, and Bottom when you go to print, in the printer options.

I did not use 0-inch margins as I wasn't sure if my printer could print that close to the edge

We hope this helps you get better use of the software!

Evan Designs

stained glass for buildings

It looks good. I haven't used it yet, but they wanted a review, so here it is. download was simple.

John Cassleman
Renovating an old model church building

In 1950, my dad built model structures from scratch of buildings to compliment the Lionel train set Santa put under the tree that year. One of them was a church which 70 years later needed some fixing up. I also thought it could use some stain glass windows which I was amazed to find I could download from Evan's Designs. I was able to select, size what I liked, print and cut them out. They fit the windows in that old church exactly. That church and others of his buildings he made from shirt cardboard and balsa wood now sit alongside the tracks and train that circumnavigates our tree this year to the rapt delight of my grand children; thanks in part of Evans Designs and some of their great products.

Exactly What I Wanted

I have just received your 'Stained Glass Collection' in the post. This was exactly what I was looking for to complete a model project I have on the go, and I thought the speed of delivery - given that you have sent it all the way from the US - was fantastic. The software itself is easy to install and use, and I am delighted with the results. Many thanks to you.

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