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LED Photo Sensor

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This photo sensor will turn your LEDs on when it's dark, and turn off your project when it is light.

This 1 Amp light sensor can run up to 45 LEDs! We have added 8-inch input wires and 4-inch wire on the output side. You can of course cut the wires shorter but remember which side is which!

The sensor is just the small bump in the middle, so it will be easy to hide.

Voltage options:

3-12 Volt DC - use this option for use when using batteries, or our 3 Volt or 12 Volt Adaptors. Connect the red wire from your power to the long red input wires on the receiver. Connect black to black. The lights you use need to be appropriate for the voltage of your power supply. For example, if the power supply is 3 volts use 3-volt lights. Or if your power supply is between 5-12 Volts, use our 5-12 Volt lights.

AC / DC (up to 19 Volts) - Use this option with any hobby transformer, or other power supply that is 12 volts or more. This option has 2 black wires that connect to your power supply as the polarity of the input doesn't matter. The lights you use need to be rated for the same voltage as your power supply, and must be at least 12 volts.

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