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Toy police Vehicle lights flashing
Toy police Vehicle headlights, tail lights, roofbar lights
pairs of toy police vehicle lights

Light your 1:43 Emergency Vehicles

Lights for your lightbar color
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Lights for your 1:43 diecast emergency vehicles! This set includes:

  • pair of 3mm fast flash white for headlights
  • pair of 3mm normal flash red for the taillights, you will need to drill the car out a little to fit these in the taillight position, often there is metal there.
  • a pair of 3mm lights for Your Existing lightbar - choose from fast flashing:
    • 1 Red & 1 Blue  most commonly seen USA police 
    • Red - Red  consider for Ambulance or Fire or police
    • Blue - Blue  modern police or Euro police
    • Yellow - Yellow   often seen on Tow Trucks
 Early Era Police cars
  • Single Red Normal Flashing (for older police cars with single top light)
  • Plus a pair of Solid Warm White and Solid Red headlights and tail lights

    your light choice will depend on the car you are lighting. O scale police cars often come with a stock lightbar that is solid unlit. You can drill out the plastic and put 1 of our lights on each side. The O scale cars usually have red one side, blue the other. But some cars have blue both sides or red both sides.

    paired LEDs

    The pair of red flashers can also be used for Diecast Fire Trucks or Diecast Ambulances. Have a look at the vehicle you plan to light and see if it has a blank lightbar already. If not, you will need to find or make one. Or just put the flashing lights themselves on the top of the car.

    You can run this set of 6 lights for  1:43  diecast police car on AC, DC, or DCC power. You can run on a 9 volt. The lights will be brighter in the 12-19 volt range.

    Read a short article on installing lights in a your 1:43 diecast car

    Watch the lights in a 1:43 Road Champs Police car
    Customer video of our Police LED kit in action on his diorama!
    Lightbar Light Colors Part Number
    Red and Blue RCRB
    Red and Red RCRR
    Blue and Blue RCBB

    Early Era Police Cars!

    leds for early police cars

    The car on the right in the above video shows a 1957 Ford modified with our classic set.
    The pre-1960 Era police set includes:

    • paired headlights solid warm white
    • paired tail lights solid red
    • Single red flasher for the top

    Order this setup by choosing the "SINGLE RED" option in the above order box!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Pat Nardella
    Let bthere be light

    I have odered from your company in the past & have always been satisfied with your service, help, & timelyness. As usual I was very happy with everything

    Kevin Milazzo
    Police car lights

    Lights are awesome! I drilled out the roof, headlights and taillights on an HO scale metal police car. I fit the lights and hooked up a switch on my train layout control panel. I have the car pulled over in front of the police car and a cop holding a suspect with his hands up. I can switch the lights on whenever I want and they are impressive. They all work exactly as expected. Great packaging and fast shipping. I would definitely purchase from them again and recommend this business to others.

    Frank Mariano

    Timely, and accuracy insure with a text to clarify my order….much appreciated!

    Romayne Baker
    Emergency lights for model vehicles

    I purchased the Police LED kit. It is exactly what is needed for my 1/43, 1/48 and 1/50 model police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks!! These models are all wired and displayed on my “0” gauge model train layout!! They are just what the doctor ordered!!!!

    Works Perfectly

    I used these in a 1/32 slot car which were fed by the 5-volt power coming off the computer chip (Slot.It for Scalextric). Works perfectly. Didn't have to worry about reversing polarity or setting flash timings or anything. Just hooked them up and mounted them .

    Jim Baker
    Great addition to my table.

    Easy to install and looks great

    Stanley H. Gitler
    Police car flashing light jit

    This was my first attempt at installing one of these fun kits in a 1/43 diecast police car. Install went very well and the car now has a prominent spot on my layout. My only other comment is that the white LEDS blink differently. One goes dark and comes back on while the other does not go as dark - if that makes sense. Not noticeable the way I have installed on my layout. Thanks for providing these great products!

    Lance V.
    great quality at great price

    Great quality. Exactly what was advertised and the price was well worth it. Quick delivery and handy packaging. Not many folks care about that but its one of my pet peeves and I was more than satisfied.

    Lance V.
    great quality at great price

    Great quality. Exactly what was advertised and the price was well worth it. Quick delivery and handy packaging. Not many folks care about that but its one of my pet peeves and I was more than satisfied.

    Gary W
    LEDs in 1/43 diecast models

    I have made 5 orders, of pico, nano, 1.8mm LEDs, siren and other items. The orders were received quickly. The equipment works great. Fair pricing. I rebuild and model 1/43 scale diecast police cars after local agencies. I give the model to retired or soon to retire LEOs I know. They are amazed at the "sound and light" show and appreciate the gift.

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