Diecast 1:43 light install

Adding LEDs to 1:43 scale diecast Police Cars

There are variations in the headlights and tail light designs in the different model diecast cars, which will require slight changes in this procedure, this is a general guide.

Police Car Installation Tools

Installation Tools

Evan Designs LEDs in your choice of colors
Evan Designs Diecast Police Car Kit Drill – preferably variable speed small Phillips screwdriver duct tape
sharp 7/64” and 1/8” drill bits Painters Tape Silicon glue such as Goop

Tape the windows, roof, trunk, and hood with painter's tape to prevent scratches during installation.
Turn the car over and remove the 2 or 3 small Phillips screws in the bottom of the chasis.

Pop off the Headlight and taillight lenses and grill. These lenses are held in place by extra plastic on the inside of the diecast body. This extra material inside the car can be cut away with a hobby knife, or heated up with a soldering iron and pulled off.

Police Car Headlight & Taillight
Trim off the plastic tabs that hold the lenses to the diecast car.

We prefer a slow speed portable drill for these operations. From the outside of the car, use a 7/64” dill bit to widen the holes for the headlight and taillights. This size drill bit will not let the LED pass through, but will center the LED in the hole, letting it shine through nicely. Center the headlight and tailight LEDs in place in your drilled-out openings and use silicon glue to hold them place Put the lense back on at the same time with the Silicon glue. Use a small piece of duct tape to secure the LED wiring.
Police Car Taillight Installation

From the inside of the car drill holes on either side of the tab holding the top lightbar in place using a 1/8” drill bit. You will drill through the roof and into both sides of the light bar and 1/2 way into the lense. When you get most of the way through the roof proceed very slowly to avoid going through the light bar. If you are not sure of this step, pop off the light bar, drill through the metal roof, put the light bar back on. It will be easier to drill into the lense to the right depth. When the LED is inserted in the hole the LED should be visible inside the bar.
Police Car Top Lightbar

Police Car Top Lightbar
Push the LEDs into the top bar, add some glue to hold the LED in place and let dry.

Police Car Finished


Drill a hole in the plastic floor of your car and thread the wires through. Depending on the model you may also need to drill a hole through a seat, or through the trunk to allow all wires to pass out the same hole. Put the plastic chasis back in place. Screw the car back together. Hook the wires to any 18 Volt or less power source.