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Flicker String of Tiny Lights

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We have a string of cool white Nano and Chip LEDs that flicker.  Each light in this flicker string is on our fine magnet wire with two inches of space between each LED.  Each light flickers at a gentle rate. There are two chip sized LEDs to represent closer or larger stars, and 10 nano size LEDs for the rest of the stars.

This 12 light flicker string comes with a AA holder and on/off switch and shrink tube so you are ready to install this string when it arrives!

Consider this string for a nice starry sky diorama in your next build!

Other power options:

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Customer Reviews

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Saya Rose
Addicted to tiny lights

I started making curio crafts in domed jars with dried foliage/insects and had the idea of adding miniature lights and found Evan Designs. I have never been disappointed with the results and these flickering string lights have given the overall designs for these miniature curios a magical and hypnotizing appearance. I am absolutely hooked!

Love this light kit!!!

I'm an acrylic artist and haven't played with lights before but my brother (who makes lots of models, etc.) recommended Evan Designs for tiny lights for this first lighted art project! Made a spiral galaxy with lights and it turned out great! Very happy with the complete information that came with the kit...even I was able to follow the directions and everything worked beautifully! I shared the project on my YouTube channel along with the link to this light kit. Hoping some of my viewers will follow my lead and try the lights in their art projects. Makes an awesome night light! Customer service was ideal and I knew exactly when the lights would arrive which made the project easier to plan. Can't wait to play with the other lights I bought!


Was working on a multi-media project and wanted stars for the night sky. These worked out wonderfully.

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