Wired Connectors
Wired Connectors
extender with switch
2 way connector
5 Way splitter
5 Way splitter with switches
AAA Holder with connector
2Way connector
AA Holder with connector
3 Way connector
Power jack with female end
Wired Connectors

Connector for your projects

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Sometimes you need a connector for easy connect and disconnect of your lighting projects to your power supply. These small but very sturdy pair connectors come wired with 8" of red and black kynar wire with pre-stripped ends.

Of course, the wire can be clipped shorter and re-stripped as needed. These connectors work with 3-36 volts DC or AC and can carry 5Amps.

Each pair contains:

  • a wired male with 8" red and black wire
  • a wired female with 8" red and black wire
Connector dimensions:

Wired Connectors, male and female

Quickly and easily connect and disconnect your lights!

Pin connectors are very popular, we have a lot of options now

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Extender A male and a female on the same 8" wire, located at opposite ends.
Extender comes with a separate male and female, one of each. 3 pieces in all.
The extender can be used along with any other connector type.
Master Pack

The Master Pack
The pack includes everything
  • 1 of 5 way
  • 1 of 2 way
  • 2 extenders
  • 2 of 8" connectors
  • 2 of 14" connectors
total value $14 for the discounted price of $12
2 way connector

2 way connectors If your project is in multiple parts or has multiple locations where lights are needed, these connectors are a great way to bring the power along to each section. Each set comes with (1) 2 way plus (2) male, 1 female. You can connect as many of these together as you need.
Wired two way splitter
5 way splitter

5 way connector A great way to bring power to different locations, just plug and unplug as needed. You can even use one outlet of your 5 outlets to connect another 2-way or 5-way, and then keep splitting!
Comes with:
  • 1 5-way connector
  • 1 female 8"
  • 5 male connectors 8"

5 way splitter
Extender with switch added

Extender with switch Add in a switch at any point with this handy extender with switch. And move the switch around as needed, since it is a simple plug/unplug unit.


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