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Reverse Momentary Switch ("Off" When Pressed)

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This switch is useful when you want to turn off lights when you hold down a switch.

Here are a few examples:

  • The door of a model car, place one in the Door Jam.  You can have an interior light that is on when the door is open.  When you close the door it will push on the switch and turn off the light
  • Toy Chest: Add the switch and some lights in the upper part of the chest, When you take off the lid the lights will go on

Pressure Required - To actuate the switch takes a force of about 5 oz or 140 grams To get a feel for this, use a digital scale and press down to 5 oz or 140 grams and this will tell you how easy the switch is to press!


Here is an example of mounting the reverse momentary on the edge of a box, so it can be pressed with the lid of the box is closed.  Notice we put the switch near the hinge side of the lid so it can be pressed more easily.

mounting the reverse momentary on the edge of a box

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