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Hobby LEDs for models

Hobby LEDs: Easy to Use, Ready to Go!

Assembled LEDs for all of your Model Lighting Needs

The right LED lights for models can take your project to the next level. You can rest assured knowing miniature lights for models from Evan Designs are inspected and tested for premium quality. Our variety of LEDs are available in the following styles:
  • 1.8mm and 3mm. These LED lights for models may be small, but they're very bright. They're commonly used in Die-Cast police cars and RC helicopters.
  • Chip, Pico and Nano. The smallest among our mini led light selection, these miniature LED lights for models are ideal for N scale small spaces and 1/4 scale building lights.
  • Mega and 5mm. Big and bright, mega LED and 5mm lights are commonly used in O scale train cars and G scale model trains.
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No matter what size you need, our miniature LED lights for models are guaranteed to give off high brightness. Ranging in color from warm white to blue, they're great for a variety of models and are easy to work with. From buildings and planes to cars and trains, our miniature lights for models are a perfect solution for your lighting needs. Best of all, you get a free two-year warranty with each of our LED products. Browse our selection today for premium LED lights for models! We look forward to providing you with unparalleled service and top-quality products.

Buy Miniature LED Lights for All Kinds of Models

The small, miniature and tiny LED lights at Evan Designs are crafted with every unique hobbyist in mind. . Whether you enjoy building model locomotives, buildings, emergency vehicles or complex dioramas, our LED modeling lights can provide that extra sense of realism to your models and function as a unique aesthetic in countless other hobby applications.

Our collection of model lighting is highly customizable to your specific needs and personal tastes. Available in a variety of colors, brightnesses, styles, sizes and functions (flashing, flickering, breathing, etc.), our micro LEDs for models can bring your vision to life.

The Benefits of Model Lights by Evan Designs

Since 2006, our team has focused on developing and testing LED lighting for models and entertaining hobbies. Our mission is to provide premium model and hobby lighting products to enthusiasts everywhere through our online store and customer service. Unlike other hobby and model lighting products on the market, the miniature LEDs at Evan Designs deliver a variety of unmatched benefits.

Long-Lasting Hobby Lights

Our hobby and model lighting products are the most durable miniature LEDs on the market. After years of testing, our model and hobby LED lights can last up to 10 years (100,000 hours). Each set of our small model and hobby lights comes with a free two-year replacement warranty.

Efficient LEDs for Models

Our hobby lighting solutions require very little power. They can be run for an extensive period of time on a small battery. Most of our hobby LEDs only draw 20 milliamps of power which is less than 1/3 of an incandescent light bulb at 65 milliamps of power.

LED Model Lights That Do Not Produce Heat

Our LEDs for models and hobbyists do not produce any heat even when they are left on 24/7. By using our miniature model lights, you do not risk your delicate models and artwork from melting or being damaging from the heat.

What AWG (American Wire Gauge) Should Be Used for LED Model Lights?

It depends on your specific model or hobby application. The wire gauges of our mini LED lights range from 0.2mm to .32mm.  In terms of AWG (American Wire Gauge), the wire we carry is 28AWG and 30AWG.  You can use your own wire too.  You will want to choose between 24AWG and 32AWG for most applications.

How to Install LED Lights in a Model Train?

Whether you are modifying a locomotive engine, passenger car or caboose body, a little wirework and drilling can open up a world of model training lighting possibilities. For detailed instructions on installing LED lights for model trains, check out this informative article the Evan Designs team created.

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