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Special Lighting Package Scale Dolls Houses

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Miniaturist Special Doll House LED Kit!

Use this Special setup to complete a lighting project for Quarter Scale or Half Scale Room boxes, all in one Kit.
This DIY Kit can light up your great handmade projects now!

This Kit Contains:

your choice of warm or cool white

evan designs warm white and cool white LEDs

The 5 LEDs come wired with resistors (if needed) in your choice of size:

led picture

a 9 volt Battery Snap with pre-attached mini press-on press-off switch
The black wire is 12 inches long.

The red wire is 8 inches + switch + 3 inches
evan designs battery strap with switch
OR a AAA battery holder switch
AAA-holder dimensions
the red wire is 3.5 inches + switch + 2.5 inches
the black wire is 6"

shrink tube mini kit 2 1-inch pieces of "EZ-shrink" shrink-tube for protecting your new connections

how to hook LEDs to a battery

Yes! It really is just that easy!

  • Twist the red leads on your lights with the red lead on this 12 inch strap.
  • Protect the connection with shrink tube or tape.
  • Then twist the black leads on your LEDs to the black lead on this strap.
  • Again, protect the connection.
  • Go! Snap on the strap to any 9V DC battery.
  • Press the switch and light up your model!
  • Press again to turn it off.

Questions about LEDs and your project? Try our LED tips for Miniaturists!

A 9V battery can run a LOT more LEDs. Do you need more LEDs for your project? more LEDs click here


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