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3-Volt Coin Cell Holder with Switch

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An easy way to bring power to your 3 Volt LEDs.

This fully assembled unit features
  • a coin cell holder made for the common CR2032 battery
  • wire leads
  • a convenient push-on push-off button switch to turn your LEDs on and off

Add some CR2032 batteries to your order along with the coin cell holder and you will be ready to run as soon as this package arrives. You can find more CR2032 batteries at local stores.

In our tests, the premium CR 2032 coin cell we ship with our coin cell holder is 200mA and can easily run 1-10 LEDs safely and brightly.

***Solid LEDs need to be separate from any flash or flicker LEDs. Give flash or flicker groups their own coin cell.*** This is not an issue with any of our other power supplies. You can mix solids with flash/flicker using our 3 Volt AAA holder or 3 Volt AA holder or 3 Volt wall adapter.

In our tests, 6 lights lasted over 12 hours on one battery. By 12 hours they were noticeably dimmer. A test of the battery at 12 hours showed the voltage was down from 3.0 volts to 2.6 volts. The lights continued to stay on at a nice level for several additional hours before another battery was needed. This CR2032 battery holder will run your lights for a nice long time.

How we connect lights to this unit:

The 3V coin cell battery slips right into this holder. And the LEDs are connected red wire to red wire. Connect the black or green wire to the black wire on the battery holder. Remember to protect connections with tape or use our shrink tube or your own, or use tape to keep the connections separate.
  • We have 2 wire lengths on the coin cell holder:
  • The 8" coin cell holder has 4" red wire on either side of the black switch and 8" black wire
  • The 4" coin cell holder has 2" wire on either side of the switch and 4" black wire. Either Coin cell holder comes with a black switch.

Holder/Switch Dimensions:

The coin cell holder is .24 inches thick and .9 inches across at the widest point. You can clip the plastic "wings" to save 0.1 inch on the width if space is at a premium! Or for really tight spaces, check out our extra small coin cell holder.

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Shrink Tube - Shrink Tube provides a nice solution for protecting the exposed wire connections.

Extra Kynar Wire - The same strong, flexible wire we use on this coin cell holder, and all of our bulb-style LEDs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 147 reviews
Thomas Cortez
Perfect for Scale Models

Amazing product! Brightness for the small Z LEDs was a major detail improvement for all my scale model projects! Definitely a return customer

3 Volt Battery Holder and switch

This kit was perfect solution to project. Model was located in Curio Cabinet thus wired adapters were not allowed :-) Was able to hide and have easy access to on/off switch.

Works as advertised

Easy to use and works great. Will be grabbing more for my next project.

One stop shopping

It was very helpful to have all the lighting engineering figured out for my little project. Lots of helpful info about each component and all needed items were either included or clearly identified for additional purchase. I received the package quickly and pricing for the items themselves and shipping was very fair. Evan Designs is highly recommended.

Really fun

I love everything I have received from this place. I am just learning about how to use them and am surprised by how easy it is and how much I have improved. My dollhouse is getting amazing with all the lighting.

Corbin Davidson
Great product

Bought the battery with switch and model car leds for a 1/25 and they are the perfect color and brightness.

Richard hall
Recent order

I could not be happier with the quality of customer service and speed in filling my order. Their product is exactly what I was looking for to add the bling I wanted to make my project special. I will definitely be using them for my future projects.

kent york

I was in a little bit of a bind for time so I paid for 3 day shipping . I was expecting the order on Wednesday . When it didn't arrive , it was explained to me that 3 day shipping meant the order would arrive Thursday . The order arrived late Friday . My grandson and I began installing the lights and the switch on the project everything worked great ........for about 10 minutes . Then the switch quit working . There wasn't enough time to get another , so I had to fix it so that he had to insert the battery and take it out to turn the lights off and on .

hi Kent
I am sorry to hear the FedEx 3-day option was not clear enough. FedEx does not collect or deliver packages on Sunday when you placed this order. A Monday outbound would reach you on Thursday with the 3-day option selected.
We offer FedEx 2-day shipping for $5 more so that would have been our advice if you were in a time crunch. We could have helped you to pick that option, had you asked us!
Regarding the time of arrival, FedEx typically delivers around the same time in most neighborhoods, so that should timeframe have been expected based on your other FedEx deliveries.
I am so sorry to hear that the switch failed. That is very bad luck when you are in a time crunch for sure! This rarely happens, but it might be glue got into the switch mechanism.
We could have sent another switch, but it might not have reached you in time.

I am very sorry that you had a disappointing experience all around. But it sounds like you did find a work around if not an ideal one.

Evan Designs

Chris Sorensen

Exactly as described.

Exactly what I needed

These came in handy for a project and I’m pleased with them.

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