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Power Jack with Added switches

Power Jack Style
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This is the same Power Jack meant for use with our 12V 1Amp or 2Amp power adapters OR our 3V 1 Amp or 2 Amp Adapter it fits all of the adapters we sell.  We can't say if it will fit the adapter you have if it is not ours.

This is an easy unit to use: the switches are already attached to the power jack. Or get the unit with wires only, no switches.  We have them that way as well.

We have power jacks with a variety of switches added.  In the above example, there are 5 of the on/off switches attached to the power jack.

The advantage of having a switch added, you do not have to plug/unplug the power, and you can individually control the LEDs in your project.

Multiple switches give more control over the different areas in a project. Consider 1 switch for the first floor one for the second floor. Or 1 switch for the first diorama section, one for the next section, etc.

How to attach your LEDs to this ?

1. All black wires from all of the LEDs will go to the single black wire coming from the power supply.

2. The only difference in the next step is the red wires. You are going to group the red wires according to the zones of your project.


  • The red wires from the first floor go together and attach to the wires on the First Switch.
  • The red wires from the second floor lights group together and attach to the wire from the Second Switch.
  • The red from the outside lights get grouped together.  They attach to the wire coming from the Third Switch
  • That's it.  Now you can press switch 1, or 2 or 3 independently.  Have lights come on or off depending which switch you have pressed.

Each switch controls a certain number of LEDs, depending on the red wires connected to it!

The switches are 1 Amp. So each switch can control up to 50 LEDs. LEDs are 20 milliamp.

Size specifications: thread diameter: 0.45 inch (a 1/2 inch hole works)
                               Maximum Panel mount thickness 0.25 inches

Remember to shrink tube all connections to prevent shorts!

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