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Brickyard: Need Brick for your designs? Print Your Own!

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Brickyard Brick Paper Software       20 patterns you can print in Any Scale!     PC Software for Windows 7, 10, and 11

Print your Own Realistic Miniature Bricks

Print all of the brick paper you need for your model train, doll house, school project, or any diorama project.

brick for models

This is the opening screen where you pick your scale:

If your model scale is not listed, type it in the "other" box

Then click the pattern you want and print brick in your scale!


Here are the 20 brick patterns available in Brickyard

  • Brick: both weathered and newer bricks
  • a great adobe pattern
  • 2 field stone patterns
  • a cinder block
  • field brownstone,
  • grey cut stone
  • and brown cut stone.
page setup brick

You can change orientation from portrait to landscape, or choose larger paper if your printer supports it:

We print all of our designs using an ordinary Inkjet Printer and we recommend Matte Photo Paper for best image quality.

What can you use brick paper for?

for Building Walls, Stone Retaining Walls, Brick Sidewalks, Tunnel Portals, Bridges and Bridge Abutments, Archways, Patios, Foundations, Public Parks, and any other area in your Layout, Dollhouse, or diorama, or scene that needs some miniature bricks or stones. Your own ideas!

Choose your scale, or choose a custom ratio.
Brickyard is great for N HO S O OO G, and 1:12 brick.
Brickyard is also used a lot for 1:144 1:35 1:72 and 28mm modeling.
Use these miniature brick papers for any modeling ratio from 1:12 to 1:220

Better Together!

Brickyard is compatible with Model Builder. The bricks in Brickyard will import into Model Builder as another palette to work with.

There is no overlap of brick patterns in Model Builder brick and Brickyard Brick.

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