Separated AC/DC Led Square
Separated 7 to 19 V AC/DC LED

Separated LEDs for AC/DC 7-19 Volts

Solid or Flash
Wire Length
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Use these LEDs with 7-19 Volt of AC/DC/DCC

Fitting the LED into a narrow brass tube or inside of a model or a tower can necessitate a special setup. These LEDs are separated from the circuit.

With this separated unit, you can fish the LED in from the top and not have to worry about the rectifier/resistor getting in the way. Then, when you have the LED placed, attach the rectifier/resistor to it. Then light the mini LED up! Apply your 7-19 volt AC/DC/DCC power.

Please remember, in order to make the LED easy to use, it is a wire-only LED, there is no resistor in the wire. The LED itself can only handle 2-3 volt of DC power, which this rectifier unit provides. Do not test the LED on your intended power before you attach the resistor harness.

Also great for trackside vehicles, the rectifier can now be under the bench instead of inside the scenery element.

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