Remote Control and Dimmer for LEDs
Remote Control and Dimmer for LEDs
LED Remote Control and Dimmer with 2 Receiver
LED Remote Control and Dimmer with 3 Receiver
LED Remote Control and Dimmer with 4 Receiver
LED Remote Control and Dimmer with 5 Receiver

Control or dim your LEDs

Remote & Receiver
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Control your LEDs in a new way!

This controller lets you turn onturn off, or dim your LEDs remotely.

The remote has 2 components, a Handheld controller and a receiver wiring harness that you hook to your LEDs.

You can hook up to 30 of our LEDs (our Mega LEDs use more power, so the maximum is 20) to a receiver harness. 

If you want to control more LEDs, you can get additional harnesses and use the same controller.

Dim your LEDs, and bring the brightness back up with the 4 dimmer settings. When you set your desired level and turn off the remote, it will remember the last setting when turned back on.

*** Precaution for Battery Application - Switch Recommended ***

If you plan to use your remote with a battery, you will still need an on/off switch. The receiver stays awake and will drain a little of the battery all the time. You can use the on/off switch to turn off the receiver when you are not using the remote. If you plan to use a Wall Adaptor for your power supply, no switch is needed.

*** Precaution for Flashing LEDs and Sirens ***

The DIMMER settings on the remote can slow the flash rate of the flashing LEDs and alter the tone of the sirens. We do not recommend using the Dimmer feature on flashing LEDs or sirens.

So, how do you use it?

The receiver has 3 sets of wires:
  1. A pair of wires that connect to your power source, battery or transformer. If you plan to use a battery to power your project read switch recommendation below 
  2. A pair of wires that connect to your LED(s)
  3. A pre-wired infrared sensor. Locate the sensor where it has a line of sight to the handheld controller.

The short red and black wires go to your LEDs.Connect the short red wire to the red wire of the LEDs you want to control. Connect the short black wire to the black wires of the LEDs.

Voltage options:

3-12 Volt DC - use this option for use when using batteries, or our 3 Volt or 12 Volt Adaptors. Connect the red wire from your power to the long red input wires on the receiver. Connect black to black. The lights you use need to be appropriate for the voltage of your power supply. For example, if the power supply is 3 volts use 3-volt lights. Or if your power supply is between 5-12 Volts, use our 5-12 Volt lights.

LED remote your choice  power

AC / DC (up to 19 Volts) - Use this option with any hobby transformer, or other power supply that are 12 volts or more. This option has 2 black wires that connect to your power supply as the polarity of the input doesn't matter. The lights you use need to be rated for the same voltage as your power supply, and must be at least 12 volts.

--- Other Details on using the Remote ---

You can run up to 30 LEDs per receiver. If you need to run more, get a 2nd receiver and arrange them so the remote can activate both, or locate the sensors apart from each other to control separate groups of LEDs independently.

The black Sensor shown in the above image is the receiver of the remote signal. Put the sensor where you plan to trigger it with the remote.
The remote uses an infrared signal, and works by line of sight. So be sure to point the remote at the sensor to trigger your lights.

Remote control for LEDs
Using the remote

Point the top of the remote (where the signal emits) toward the little black sensor. Use the green button on the remote to turn your LEDs on. Use the dim button to first raise then lower your brightness. There are 4 dim settings. Click on "bright" to bring the LEDs back up to the best level for your project. Use the red button to turn off your LEDS.

Your last brightness setting is remembered so you will not need to adjust it again when you turn the LEDs back on.

"How do I use more than one receiver?"

The remote is line-of-sight. When you have more than one receiver, just make sure the receivers are not aligned with each other. If you turn and point the remote in a different direction, it will only ever activate the line-of-sight receiver. So you could have shelves of a display case light and turn off independently for example.

"Do I still need an on/off switch?"

The receiver waits for signals from the remote. It will stay awake and very very slowly drain the battery even when the lights are off. So if you are using a battery:
  • Coin cell, AAA, AA, 9 volt, etc.
  • Yes, you will still need to turn off the switch when you are done with the model. Wire in the remote between your switch and the lights.
    When using a wall adapter, you do not need to have a switch.

    "Does the dimmer save on power or batteries?"

    Yes, the dimmer does reduce the amount of power being used. In our test, we put a Mega Warm on a 12 volt power supply. At the brightest setting, or with no receiver attached, the Mega uses 30 milliamps of power.

    Then we tried the dimmer:

    Dimmer Setting Milliamp Draw
    Full Bright 30 mA
    Dim 1 27 mA
    Dim 2 20mA
    Dim 3 (the last setting) 13mA

    So dimming can save over 50% of battery life, if you like the brightness.

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    Excellent service

    I am 80 + year old with little to electronic knowledge.
    Bought you remote but think it is not for my desired usage.
    Picked up an older electric train that has lights for a few dollars.
    Works on 4 c batteries. Was trying to make it use a remote control.

    Michael Staffelbach
    Great product, works as described

    Completely satisfied works as advertised. Perfect for what I needed.

    Richard Johnson
    Remote control/ dimmer

    I can’t review the performance of product since I haven’t used it yet but other aspects about it are fine! Shipping was good!

    Bill Davis

    Perfect! Easy transaction and fast shipping. Glad these guys are here supporting our hobbies.

    Randal Dockstader
    LED Light controller with remote

    Used you guys a few times and each time you kick butt. Keep up the good work, I am a big fan.

    Ed Zurek

    Unreal how easy you guys made it,it worked perfectly, thank you

    5 star

    Excellent service

    Tom Dennis

    Does everything I wanted it to

    Remote Control & Dimmer

    Its the best of the best either the 3 volt or 12 volt options. The 3 volt is the way to go to add
    lights to your HO car's.

    LED controller

    Perfect fit for my project, fast shipping and great costumer service.

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