3mm Fiber Optic Connector
5mm Fiber Optic Connector

Fiber Optic Connector

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We have found this connector a nice way to connect

  • 3mm LEDs
  • or 5mm LEDs

to the fiber optic.  Choose 3mm connector for 3mm LEDs.  Choose 5mm connector for 5mm LEDs  It can hold one piece, or several pieces ofd fiber optics.  The black color is very good at cutting down the side light from the LEDs.  This will hold onto your LED very firmly.
Fiber Optic Master Pack
Try our Fiber Optic Master Pack! You get 1 foot each labeled pieces of all of our 5 sizes of standard fiber optic, 2 sizes of side glow fiber optic and 1 inch each of our 5mm and 3mm LED connectors.
Fiber Optic Master Pack

The fiber optic connector is sold by the inch, we have found 1 inch enough to join the LED and fiber.  If you order several inches, we will ship any number of inches you order as 1 piece.  When you get this tubing, you can cut it into the sizes you need with heavy scissors. Example: Quantity: 5, will be a 5-inch segment.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Joseph Demers
Customer service

I've ordered several items for them.
Great customers service.
Very knowledgeable staff.

Ralph Carpenter
Just What I Needed!

I had reached a standstill with my project, and then I found Evan Designs. Excellent, professional customer service combined with low prices and high quality components make Evan Designs the place to shop. Having never had the occasion to work with such fine diameter wire, the advice provided by Evans was spot on, and I look forward to doing business with Evan Design in the future.

R. Garthe
I gave it a try

The Fiber Optic Connector works as it is designed for. I prefer to use shrink tube. I purchased the 5.0mm Fiber Optic Connector and it did fit very well onto a 5.0 mm LED. I think it is a personal preference kinda thing.

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