Mini LED Lights for Hobbies & Models

Lighting up a custom model display can be easy and fun with small LED hobby lights. LEDs are energy-efficient and long-lasting, making them ideal for use in models, miniatures, dollhouses, and so much more. With a wide range of colors and flashing options available, LED hobby lights can add a unique touch to any display. Evan Design offers a wide variety of LED lights to choose from. Our selection includes mini LED lights, light strings, and more. Whether you’re looking for a subtle way to light up your display or want to add some colorful accent lighting, we have LEDs in many sizes, colors, and wire gauges ready to hook up in your project.We are your one stop shopping place for prewired LEDs. We have the biggest selection of any website in the world, with over a thousand options,

Perfect Projects for LED Lights

From small displays to large-scale layouts, modelers rely on Evan Design LED lights for many different types of projects. Our LEDs are available in every size to fit countless models, displays, and arrangements. Here's a taste of what our community of enthusiastic and creative modelers has accomplished with our custom-use LED lights:

Model Trains

Model railroads are one application for our LED hobby lighting.

Our LEDs can be used to light up tracks, boxcars, engines, buildings, and scenery. We offer a variety of different colors and intensities to suit any project, from warm & cool white to intense orange, red, and yellow options for signals and lamps.

Model train picture
Model train with string light

In addition to being used for illumination, our LEDs can be used for signaling. For example, our bi-color LEDs can create working traffic lights or hazard lights for your model trains, trolleys railyards.

Model Buildings

Adding LED lighting to your model buildings can bring them to life – and actually make them feel larger than life! Our mini LED lights are perfect for lighting up windows and doorways on model buildings. Our prewired surface mount LEDs are ideal within buildings as they are sit flat on the cieling or floor of your building and have a wide angle light spread to evenly fill the interior of your building with light.

Try using our color-changing LEDs to light up your model buildings for a truly unique look. These special LEDs can cycle through a range of different colors for each room, turning heads and adding a dynamic and ever-changing element to your unique displays.

Diecast Cars, Pine Cars, and Slot Cars

Evan Designs LED bulbs are also popular for lighting up diecast cars, pine cars, and slot cars.

Our mini LEDs are perfect for headlights, taillights, and interior lights, while our strip lights light up under-carriage details.

Diecast car model
Led Hobby Lights

Our battery-powered LED lights are also perfect for use in remote-controlled cars and other vehicles. These lights can be easily mounted inside the vehicle and wired to a switch, making them easy to turn on and off as needed.

They draw very little power, so your scale models stay lit for longer between battery changes. And with adjustable brightness options, you can get exactly the look and color temperature you need to bring a truly eye-catching, one-of-a-kind diecast car to life.


Dollhouses hobbyists take pride in the details they add to their rooms. Without lighting Our LED hobby lights are perfect for lighting up dollhouses, as they are small and bright enough to light up even the smallest features.

You can illuminate interior appliances and furniture—like an LED desk lamp or magnifying lamp—with our colored and white warm light LEDs. Or, use our strip lights to add festive, life-like highlights to intricate details like baseboards and crown molding.

Dollhouse with LED light
Fire LED light kit

We even have a special bright fire LED light that simulates the effect of a flickering flame, perfect for adding realism to your dollhouse fireplaces.

Miniatures & Figurines

Adding LED lighting to your miniature and figurine displays can make them look truly amazing. Our LEDs are available in a variety of colors, intensities, and sizes, making them perfect for any project.

Transform models like 1:12 scale dolls and action figures with a whole new look, thanks to the addition of a few well-placed LEDs. You can also use our LED lights to create illuminated displays for your custom Gundam figurines and other plastic models.

Aerospace Models

Whether you’re building a model of the International Space Station or a replica of the Apollo 11 lunar module, Evan Designs’ LED hobby lights can help take your project to the next level. Our wide selection of cool & warm white, blue, and red LEDs are perfect for lighting up any aerospace model.

In addition to uses for lighting purposes, our LEDs can also be used for signaling. For example, our bi-color LEDs can create working hazard lights or landing lights for your model spacecraft and launchpads.

Military Models

Our LEDs are perfect for adding realism and atmosphere to your military models. From tanks and armored cars to fighter jets and battleships, we have the perfect bright LED light for your project.

You can use our LEDs to light up model weapons, vehicles, and buildings. Alternatively, you can use them to create illuminated displays for your model soldiers and war dioramas. We even have a special LED light that simulates the effect of a red warning light, perfect for adding realism to your model emergency scenes.

Boats and Seafaring Models

Evan Design LED hobby lights are perfect for lighting up your boat and seafaring models. From sailboats and yachts to pirate ships and naval vessels—our nautical-themed LEDs are just what you need to add that finishing touch.

With our wide selection of blue, white, and green LEDs, you can easily add realism to your ocean-going models. You can also use our glowing and pulsing LEDs to create a night-time scene, or our strip lights to light up the deck of your ship.

Cakes and Desserts

Turn decadent desserts and creamy cakes into wondrous works of art using our dynamic collection of LED lights. Our miniature LEDs can help highlight swirls, decorations, and more on your frosted creations.

You can also use our LEDs to light up cake toppers and other decorations or as “candles” to add a unique touch to your birthday cakes and other special occasion desserts. These LEDs don't produce much heat, so they're far safer than traditional candles.

Adding small LED lights to your model displays can add a whole new level of realism and excitement to your projects. At Evan Design, we have a wide selection of LEDs perfect for any project. Whether you’re building a dollhouse, miniature display, or aerospace model, we have the perfect light for any and all hobbies.

If you want some help deciding which type of light will deliver the best results, our team would be happy to provide expert advice on all things lighting-related. Get in touch with us today to learn more, or browse our online store to shop for LED hobby lights.