"Does your Software Run on the Mac?"

We are working to have our programs work natively on the Mac platform with Crossover.

Some but not all of our software programs do run in native mode on the mac operating system with the use of Crossover.       Crossover for Mac
Crossover Impersonator for Mac

is unique because there is NO Windows operating system needed. That's right. No need to load any Windows OS on your Mac.

We think crossover is a worthwhile program for all Mac users because there is more than just one windows program that you would like to have access to on your mac. And crossover does not require the installation of windows software on your Mac operating system.

Here is a link to our list of programs currently able to run using crossover: Evan Designs Software on Crossover for Mac

As you can see from that list:

  • Brickyard
  • American Ads
  • Window Designer
right now do run well on mac with the use of crossover.


Model Builder is not yet fully operational on Mac however. It installs, and gets to the opening screen, but then there is an error we need to tackle. We have not tested The Advertiser or Sign Creator yet.

As we get more of our programs running with crossover we hope to be updating the list soon!