Relative Brightness of LEDs

lWhen choosing LEDs for a project consideration include Color, Voltage, and Brightness.   While Color and Voltage can usually be defined by your project's design, brightness is more subjective and harder to understand. 

In this discussion, we provide pictures that compare how each LED type we offer lights up the sample area which can help you choose the most appropriate LED(s) for your project.

One consideration besides light intensity is the angle of illumination or light spread.  Some LEDs give a focused beam. Examples of projects where you might want this style include headlights in a model vehicle, spotlights for lighting a character on a stage or artwork on a wall.  Other LEDs give a wide angle light spread. Examples are lighting a room or applications where you want to see equal light when viewing a model from different locations.  For example navigation lights on airplanes, you want to see a similar amount of light when viewed from various angles


Mega Brightness Large