How to Match My LEDs to my Power Supply

 At Evan Designs we offer LEDs for all power supplies and all planned power supplies you would like to use.

Sometimes it's hard to match which power and which LED. There are so many choices!  So let's go over the many choices as briefly as possible.

  • If you want to run on 3 volt, you can choose from:  3 volt coin cells, AAA batteries, AA batteries, our 3 volt USB power supply, or 3 volt power adapters.  All of these are 3 volt. To match these supplies you will need to get our 3 volt LEDs. 3 volt is an option on most of our pages, or if not we have a similar LED that is 3 volt on another page.
  •  Next is our 5-12 volt LEDs, these LEDs will run on a 9 volt battery snap or on our USB power supply, our12 volt Adapter. They will also run on your RC lipo batteries, or on your RC of other model types.  5-12 volt LEDs can run on Arduino, or on ... These 5-12 volt LED are not suited to Model Trains or Dollhouses, as both of those have power supplies that can run higher than 12 volt or have AC carryover.
  • Our 3rd option is our Universal LEDs. Universal LEDs can run on AC or DC, they can run on 7-19 Volt of AC or DC. These LEDs are made for Model Trains from N scale to G scale.  Power supplies from Model Rectifier, Bachman, American Flyer, MTH, Lionel, Woodland Scenics, Scenic Express.  Or for Dollhouse power supplies from CirKit or Houseworks or other dollhouse suppliers. The power supply you have might SAY 12 volt,  on it but unless it says "Switching" or "Regulated" you can't be 100% certain the power is 12 volt exactly and DC only. So we have these LEDs with a bridge rectifier, resistor and capacitor to handle any power be it AC or DC right on up to 19 volt.