How to Light Your Millennium Falcon

One of the most popular models we help our customers find lights for is the Millennium Falcon from the classic sci-fi series, Star Wars. Each Millennium Falcon model contains 9 lights: 2 cool white for the front, 3 cool white for the cockpit and other interior spaces, and 4 blue flickering for the engines.

The scale of your model will determine the size of LEDs you should use. Another consideration is the power source. If a battery is used, a battery pack can be more easily hidden than an adapter and make your model more mobile.

For 1:18 scale, we recommend 3 mm bulbs and nano SMDs.

For 1:24 scale, we recommend 1.8 mm bulbs and pico SMDs.

For smaller scales, pico and Z SMDs are the best for lighting up tiny spaces.