Colorado Model Railroad Museum Uses Model Builder and Our Universal LED lights

The Greeley Colorado Colorado Model Railroad Museum and Operating Model Railroad is open for visits!
Two of the most popular features are our forest fire scene and the fireworks factory building fire. Both use Evan Designs Designs Fire Kits

Here is a little information about this 5,500 Square Foot HO model train museum:

The building has 9,500 square feet on the main floor and another 2,000 feet in mezzanine.
The featured element, a 5,500 sq. foot HO gauge model railroad layout, has ten separate wiring systems, 20+ scale miles of mainline track, hundreds of buildings (many of which have been scratch built), thousands of hand made trees and scenery.
The layout isconfigured so that it can operate automatically in a "show" mode, and in manual "operational" mode for train running sessions.
The wharf areas feature ships that are fully operational "in the field", along with a full-scale model of the 729 foot ore carrier, Edmund Fitzgerald.

Be sure to visit this Layout is you are in Colorado!