Headlights or top lights for your RC Car

RC Floodlights Headlights
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Lead Wire
Color: Cool White
Color: Cool White

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This unit is set up with a resistor and connector already added to run on your existing LiPo or NiMH 7.2 - 8.4v Hobby RC Battery.

There are 4 of our brightest cool white mega connected to a JR plug. For true plug and play lighting solution!

The lights are flat so you can install them anyplace, much easier than the "round" LEDs. Use these lights for headlights, floodlights, rooftop lights, interior lights. You can put them any place you want seriously bright lights running on an RC battery.

These Mega RC lights are especially great for Night Racing or night cruising, but you can use them in daylight too if you want, they will show up just fine.

These lights are seriously bright. Here they are against a 60 Watt Lightbulb

RC Lights

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