Cool and Warm White super bright Mega LED Lights
The super bright LED mega next to other LEDs we carry
The mega is super bright as this view shows
Mega super bright LED lighting a building
Mega LED light size 5mm by 5mm
The mega LED light size close up

Super Bright Solid Mega LEDs

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Introducing our brightest LED yet – The Mega! An excellent choice for illuminating entire rooms or buildings, these LEDs are not only compact and flat for easy mounting but also incredibly bright.

Measuring 5mm x 5mm and a mere 2mm thick, these SMD-style LEDs come pre-wired with 8 inches of red and green superfine magnet wire. We've meticulously taken care of tolerances, ensuring these Mega LEDs are ready to connect to your power supply hassle-free.

No need for additional resistors – we've got that covered. Experience brilliance effortlessly with our Mega LEDs – wired, tested, guaranteed, and fully prepared to light up your projects!

Room Lighting

Accent Lighting
Room Lighting

We also have these available in flashing!
Flashing Mega LEDs dreamstime

"What do I need to run these?"

"How many can I run at once?"

These super bright LEDs draw more than any of our other LEDs, close to 22 milliamps each. So check your power supply to see how many milliamps it lists. A 1000 milliamp supply can run 45 or so Megas, but likely you will not need that many!

"Can the Super Bright Mega LEDs be run along with other LEDs from the same battery or power supply?"

Yes the Megas can be run right alongside all of the other sizes of LEDs on the same power supply.

All of our LEDs come with a 2 year warranty!

Don't forget these other accessories to help wire up your LEDs!

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